CCA Previews ’23: Art Club

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By Huang Yuan-Ching (Vice-Chairperson)

Welcome to Art Club! The place where experienced artists and amateurs alike come together to create. Here, you would find the perfect balance between ‘Art’ and ‘Club’, and seek refuge in the comfort of making art amidst hectic JC life.

Aspiring Art Clubbers can expect Wednesday 9am–12pm sessions that are chill and laid-back, yet not lacking in artistic rigour whatsoever. A typical session would begin with a lesson on a new skill or medium by our patient and experienced instructors, followed by ample time to experiment and explore said skill/medium on our own, and ending with a gallery walk where we share and discuss our artworks and processes. 

Our portrait gallery walk

That being said, there is no fixed formula or schedule to our sessions. The scope of ‘visual art’ is so broad that there is more than enough to explore and experiment with in your 1.5 year journey with us. Our sessions consist of everything from polishing up drawing basics, to pottery, to National Gallery visits and even painting murals, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Revamping the gigantic mural

Since all the action happens during CCA, there is no need to sacrifice your personal or mugging time for Art Club activities, and you can focus on your studies while still pursuing art. This also means that all materials and resources will be provided by the CCA, which is perfect if you are looking to experiment with different mediums without committing to the hefty cost of art supplies. 

Make no mistake: Art Club is not just a huddle of introverted gremlins doing their own things. 

Inviting tourists to view our landscape drawings at the Singapore River

Contrary to popular belief, we are not just some quirky, anti-social hermits who draw fan art of our anime waifus and K-pop oppas, nor are we your emo eccentric starving artists who express their turmoils and disappointment in the world through deep abstract art. (Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things, you do you!) 

While we do enjoy a good ol’ art-jamming session from time to time, there is also an effort made towards collaboration and service. You can spot the mural we revamped near the canteen, as well as the mural our Year 6 seniors completed next to Chill! Aside from murals, we also collaborate with the school administration and Raffles Entrepreneurs’ Network (REN) to design school merchandise. Keep a lookout for our future works, too! (*Cough* RI Bicentennial *cough*.) 

Mural next to Chill by Batch ‘22

But worry not, there are little to no prerequisites for joining Art Club. Even though we strive to make a real impact in the community around us, there is no pressure to be ‘good’ in our exploration because we believe that all art is good art, and there is always something we can learn from one another. 

Our Art Club instructors Mr Chia and Ms Isabella

Here, diversity, be it digital or traditional, realistic or stylised, is welcomed, and mistakes are embraced. Ultimately, Art Club is a judgement-free zone for all kinds of artists who have a common passion for art. 

If any of the above resonates with you, we hope to see you at our trials and one day join us as an Art Clubber!

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