CCA Previews ‘22: Ultimate Frisbee

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By Raffles Ultimate EXCO’22

RU looking for a CCA experience you won’t forget? RU looking for a chance to push yourself past your limits? RU looking for a team you can call family? 

Then RU is the place foR U!

A game of Ultimate Frisbee is played with 7 players in a team, with each team’s goal being to catch a disc in the end-zone at the opposite end of the field. Ultimate is a unique sport in the essence that it is self-refereed and relies on the Spirit of the Game, which is built upon the values of integrity, honour and respect. Every player is responsible for upholding the rules of the game. As our coach aptly puts it, “better person, better player”.

Post-training photos *Picture taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures

As you may already know, Ultimate in RI is a mixed-gender developmental sport, meaning that players often join the CCA with little to no experience. While this may seem daunting, rest assured that with the right amount of commitment on your part, you will quickly develop the necessary skill sets to excel at the sport with guidance from both the coaches and seniors, and grow to become a capable player within months. 

IJCs 2018

For RU players, the highlight of our Ultimate experience is Inter-JCs (IJCs). Over the course of 2 short days, players are pushed to their limits as they compete against formidable opponents from other JCs, all in hopes of claiming the championship title (which we currently hold).  

In Ultimate Frisbee, we are a family; a family that looks out for one another, a family that can be counted on during the toughest of times and a family that leaves no one behind. Together, we go through ups and downs, celebrating triumphs and weathering storms. Sticking together and motivating one another throughout the process is important in fostering a sense of belonging in this CCA. Despite the hardships we may face along the way, it is important that we be pillars of support for our teammates. Only then can we pull through when the going gets tough and Ultimately reach greater heights as a team.

Study sessions! *Picture taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures

Of course, COVID-19 has been an unprecedented experience for all of us, meaning that we haven’t had a tournament or even played a full 7-v-7 match in close to two years. However, this doesn’t mean that our CCA journey has been any less fun! Because of the several lockdowns and sudden heightened alerts, our team has undoubtedly had a very unique CCA experience. Not letting the restrictions get to us, we made the best of the situation. When official training sessions were cancelled, we organised informal training sessions in groups of 2, 5 or 8, depending on the situation. During these team bonding sessions, different members were split into groups to learn from one another and form closer bonds. 

Our league teams! *Pictures taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures

When we couldn’t meet face-to-face, we had bonding sessions on Zoom, studied on Houseparty, and worked out with our teammates online. And when Inter-JCs were cancelled, we played in our own internal league. These shared experiences form the basis of our close-knit Ultimate family.

RU players are committed, passionate, and willing to put aside the time and effort to work on their skills and fitness. Should you choose to join RU, you should know that you’ll be in for a wild ride. While there will definitely be times when you feel like giving up, we can safely say that your time in RU will be the highlight of your JC experience. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to be in Raffles Ultimate? Then sign up for our trials for an opportunity to join our RU family! 

Training Details:

Monday 4-6pm

Wednesday 8-11am

*Cover image taken in accordance with SMMs during the prior phase of Covid-19 measures.

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