CCA Previews ’21: Taekwondo

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By Calla Koh (21S03N), Captain, Shavonne Goh (21S03H), Vice-Captain, and Shaun Loh (21A01A) 

What is Taekwondo?

Four simple words (in reality it’s just two): kick kick, punch punch. 

The above is a very concise, straightforward summary of what CCA entails for all of you considering to join our family. 

Of course, while Taekwondo might only seem like a place for you to take it out on the punching bag during stressful times (let’s not lie to ourselves here), there is so much more to the CCA that is waiting to be discovered. Taekwondo is not just about the experience, but also the people we meet and the skills we learn. 

Here, those who are new or familiar with the sport are both welcome, as long as you have the interest, and are willing to commit and put in the effort. So, if you want to try something new while keeping fit, having fun, and enjoying a not overwhelmingly intense training schedule, Taekwondo is the right CCA for you!

What is Taekwondo (apart from the kick kick, punch punch)?

Ever wondered what you would do when you have to fend against an armed attacker? This is where Taekwondo skills can come in handy. Taekwondo is an art of self-defence originating from Korea that emphasises on kicking. Self-defence training in Taekwondo can teach you how to protect yourself in such situations, making you better prepared for perilous circumstances! No more “look, police!” or fake siren sounds—now you can swifty disarm the attacker and suavely kick their butt. 

Beginners would start at white belt and progress to yellow, green, blue, red and finally black belt. In CCA sessions, we will be touching on poomsae (pattern). Poomsae is a defined pattern of defence and attack motions, with a unique pattern learnt at each belt level. 

If you make full use of your time in CCA, Taekwondo can make you stronger, more flexible, and boost your confidence. It’s also more than just physical fighting skills. The sport places strong emphasis on enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind, preaching discipline, and having a positive outlook towards life. Boosting both physical and mental health? Sign me up!

After training on Valentine’s Day. No date? Fret not, we gurlies got each other’s backs. (photo taken pre-COVID)

Are there opportunities for me to compete? 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, competitions are put on hold at the moment. However, in previous years, there were annual Inter-School competitions in April. As long as you train hard, you have the chance to be selected to represent our school, regardless of your belt level! There are also opportunities for you to represent our club in National competitions, such as the National Poomsae Competition (held in May).

How often is training? 

This year, training sessions are held in school. Our coach is Sir Brian Peh. Trainings are conducted once a week every Friday. However, training frequencies may increase nearer to gradings or competitions.

What do we do at training?

We typically start with some warmups by running laps in the gym, followed by light dynamic and static stretches. After which, we have physical training, such as push-ups or stretching like splits. Next, we will do basic kicking drills or learn new ones according to our belt level. We will then end training by practising our respective poomsae patterns.

Batch of 2021 (with masks up yay) 

If reading this has sparked your interest in joining Taekwondo, be sure to keep an eye out for trial sessions arranged in 2021 where you can experience how our regular training sessions are conducted!

For further enquiries, feel free to email us at We look forward to having you as a part of our Taekwondo family!

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