CCA Previews ’21: Piano Ensemble

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By Piano Ensemble

Raffles Institution Piano Ensemble—or RIPE, as we’re more affectionately known—is where we come together to share our love for music beyond your ABRSM or Trinity syllabuses. From Bach to Blackpink, Debussy to Derulo, and everything in between, as long as it’s something we love, we play it, we mash it up, we turn it into a medley. We’re DEFINITELY not your typical performing arts CCA.

So, what else do we do? (How can you be an ensemble with one instrument? 17 people crowding around one piano, is that even possible?) Well, we perform in duets, trios, or even quartets—two to four people can play on up to four pianos at the same time! (trust us, it’s true).

Imagine actually playing with someone else on the piano; actually practicing a piece together with your friends. Yes, playing the piano is no longer a solo journey here at RIPE!

Our CCA sessions are held in sound-proof practice rooms, where we either carry out self-practice or receive training from our lovely coach, Ms Yeong. One step into the music room and you’ll be greeted by two grand pianos, with two smaller practice rooms to perfect your duets or hang out with your CCA mates. Here at RIPE, we focus a lot on the personal growth of each member, so you have the freedom to set your pace. CCA sessions will be held every Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. While they mainly consist of general meetings and coaching, rest assured there will be lots of laughter and fun too. 

Due to COVID-19, we haven’t had many events. But what you can look forward to is a swanky concert in April! It serves as a great way to showcase your talents and skills to your friends and family! It is also a fabulous chance to have fun performing on stage together with your friends! 

We also perform to bring joy to the community, with every batch having the freedom to choose how they want to help! Our VIA projects include playing in hospices and teaching music to children. RIPE is not just about personal interest exploration; we also believe strongly in developing our values—and what better way to contribute to the community than to give back using the talents we have?

To see us in action, check out our YouTube channel, pianogang, where we post our covers and songs. Do subscribe to our channel, accent that ‘like’ button, and remember to hit that notification bell! Follow our Instagram account @ri_pianoensemble, for previews and behind the scenes. 

Criteria for joining

All you need is a burning passion for music and a good, solid background in playing the piano. To us, love, hard work, and interest outweigh mere skill. If you want a friend in music and in playing the piano, you’ll definitely find a home here. Feel free to drop us a message on Instagram if you would like to find out more!

We look forward to seeing you at auditions! 

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