CCA Previews ’21: Red Cross Youth Chapters (RCYC)

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By Chua Celeste (21S03H), Chairperson

Looking for a meaningful way to contribute back to society but not sure how to? Or simply looking for opportunities to learn some useful first aid skills that will put you in good stead? Fret not, for you have just visited the right CCA page! Presenting to you: Red Cross Youth Chapters (RCYC)! 

  1. First Aid (Learning and Application) 

Upon joining RCYC, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to learn and apply First Aid skills that extend beyond theory—to the school, at home, and even to our larger community! 


All RCYC members are provided with a compulsory Standard First Aid (SFA) Training—a two-day course that equips you with First Aid knowledge and skills, such as tending to common wounds, bandaging for dislocations, and even carrying out CPR and using the AED for life-threatening emergencies. 


Following your training, there will be countless opportunities available for you to use your skills in reality: from offering First Aid coverage to the school during events such as the Team Raffles Games and Year 5 Orientation, to participating in initiatives by the Red Cross Headquarters, including the First Aid On Wheels (FAOW) at East Coast Park and other community events such as marathons. 

  1. Outreach to the Community 

Volunteering at VWOs

Our outreach to the community is also centred around contributions to several welfare organisations that you can choose based on your interests. All members volunteer at a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) of their choice weekly. These can include volunteering at the Good Shepherd Student Care (GSSC), interacting with dialysis patients at the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), and visiting patients at Ren Ci Hospital. Furthermore, regular opportunities are given for the entire batch to engage in service with a beneficiary of their choice together. 

Self-Initiated Projects 

Besides direct service, each member also gets to initiate, organise, and execute their own service project, either at their VWOs or at another beneficiary of their choice. Hence, as everyone gets to choose the beneficiary they would like to work with and the events they would like to take part in and organise, every individual in RCYC has a unique service journey.  

One of the highlights of our outreach to the school is the planning and execution of our biannual Blood Drive, which provides a platform for members to involve the school in giving back to the community.

rcy 1.png
An excited blood donor at the July Blood Drive 2019.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were unable to organise a blood drive in school this year. Instead, we partnered with the Singapore Red Cross, aiding in the publicity of blood donation at the four blood banks in Singapore. 

Publicity poster to encourage our schoolmates to donate blood during the long National Day weekend.

Weekly Wednesday General Meetings!  

RCYC members meet up every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, where we: 

  1. discuss upcoming events and opportunities
  2. work on our self-initiated service projects.
  3. carry out First Aid Refreshers 
  4. share Red Cross related knowledge (e.g. Blood Donation) 
  5. conduct bonding activities 
Overview of content covered in GMs.

Other Opportunities 

RCYC members also participate in some Red Cross HQ ad hoc events throughout the year, and information of such opportunities are disseminated via the Red Cross Youth Telegram and Whatsapp group chats. 

As an RCYC member, you can engage in exciting opportunities that are based on your interests, extending beyond the local community. They can range from service-oriented activities such as Overseas Humanitarian Programmes, international exchange programmes with Red Cross members, and programmes tackling global issues like humanitarian diplomacy and disaster management. 


The RCYC experience will definitely be a meaningful one: one that allows you to shape and explore your own interests in the multitude of unique opportunities provided for you. RCYC is not just confined to the boundaries of service—rather, it extends its opportunities to widen your global outlook and allow you to contribute to causes much larger than those within your immediate community. Undoubtedly, that is what sets us apart from the other service CCAs in Raffles.

To find out more about our CCA… 

  1. Visit us at our booth during Open House! 
  2. Join us at the January Induction Programme (JIP) First Aid Workshop, where you can pick up First Aid skills, interact with our members and learn more about our CCA! 

 Thank you and we look forward to seeing you join our CCA!!! 

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