CCA Previews ’21: Waterpolo

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By Magdalene Lim (21S03K), Girls’ Captain, Khant Tun (21S06D), Boys’ Captain, Ellen Tsai (21S06F), Girls’ Vice-Captain, and Jeremy Lim (21S06J), Boys’ Vice-Captain

Tired of being left dripping with sweat after intense exercise? Looking for a forever ‘family’ CCA? Searching for a memorable experience during your time in JC? What if I tell you the answer lies in Raffles Water Polo? 

That’s right, Water Polo offers you this unique opportunity to be able to train hard, get those gains and leave the pool fresh and smelling like dove shampoo or just any generic brand of soap or more often than not, chlorine. In all seriousness, you would have probably heard lots of swish swooshes from the gushing water, and the beep beeps coming from the coaches’ air whistles, if you were to pass by the RI pool. However in view of the COVID-19 situation, as of late the only waves we get to pull through are radio waves in the form of Microsoft Teams video calls. 

Batch ‘21! (photo taken pre-COVID)
Girls’ Team ‘21. (photo taken pre-COVID)

In the Women’s Water Polo, we are more than just a sports team. We are a family, tight-knit and supportive. You may be concerned about having little to no experience in Water Polo or swimming, or perhaps you were not from a sports CCA previously. Our response in two words: Join Us! Fear not, for most of us have had no prior experience in Water Polo and many of us were from non-sports CCAs as well. Together, the team will get through every seemingly insurmountable obstacle. 

Though categorised as a “developmental sport” in RI, this does not mean that we have less rigorous training sessions or lower expectations as there is a steep learning curve to be expected for every member. We are looking for team players who can embrace challenges, persevere through tough times, stay committed and determined to give their best and more. 

Girls’ Team ‘21. (photo taken pre-COVID)

We have also managed to retain our A Division National School Games Championship title for over ten consecutive years! As stressful as that might sound, rest assured that our training sessions are nevertheless always filled with energy and laughter, because here in Water Polo we know that no matter what curveball life might throw at us, our teammates will always have our backs, be it in or out of the pool. Join us to be part of this fulfilling journey, and we look forward to passing down our shared legacy to the future generations.

Girls’ Team ‘21. (photo taken pre-COVID)
The 2020 boys’ team visiting Minister Peter Tinley, a member at the Melville Water Polo club, at the parliament house in Perth. (photo taken pre-COVID)
Boys’ batch of ‘21. (photo taken pre-COVID)

For the boys’ team, it is a little different. Everyone in the team has over four years of experience, with some playing since primary school and others starting in Secondary One. In comparison to the girls, the level of gameplay is much higher and we constantly target the A Division gold medal. The previous batches have all proved their worth, holding on to the title of champions from 2016 to 2018 and clinching the silver medal in 2019. However, with COVID-19, the 2020 season was cancelled and our batch was unable to prove ourselves on the battlefield. Nonetheless, we do our best to remain disciplined and fit in hopes of competing for the gold medal next season.

Boys’ team together with Perth teams before a joint training session. (photo taken pre-COVID)

No, you need not be a swimmer, sports jock, or fitspo to join Water Polo. The Water Polo family is one where we focus on everyone’s growth not just as individuals but as a team, striving for the top but never leaving anyone behind. As long as you have the resolve, the willingness to learn and push yourself, and an open mind, we would love to have you on our team! 

Water Polo should not be defined merely as a sport with balls involved. Instead, Water Polo is a tight-knit community of people with a common interest in this adrenaline-inducing sport.

Our training usually takes place at the RI pool thrice a week on Mondays (5.30-8.30pm), Wednesdays (2-5pm) and Thursdays (3-6pm–Girls) / Saturday (1.30-4.30pm–Boys). But due to the COVID-19 situation, many training sessions were cancelled, and we had to resort to weekly Zoom or Microsoft Teams sessions and eventually, weekly sessions in the pool. Both teams are led by incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated coaches—Coach Yu Lei for the boys and Mr Lim for the girls. We also have a group of supportive and understanding teacher ICs—Mr Chan, Mr Ortega, Ms Lee, Ms Siti—who help us through our school lives. 

With that, we look forward to welcoming you to the Water Polo family.

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