CCA Previews ’21: Indian Cultural Society

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By Raffles Indian Cultural Society
Photos taken pre-COVID


The Raffles Indian Cultural Society (or ICS for short) is an amalgamation of culture and amusement as we give individuals a platform to connect to their roots with their fellow peers. It provides an avenue for individual Indians to assemble and bond with each other, and to develop our Indian culture in school. We hope to sustain shared experiences and to cultivate a feeling of belonging among individuals. We arrange for a variety of initiatives for our members to feel engaged with our cultural happenings and language. 


In February, our film and drama enthusiasts came up with a hyperlink plot that we planned to film. Centred around a group of students and their personal lives, the short film was set to be screened this year. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation, we postponed our plans to 2021. Yet we hope to execute the production next year and are eagerly looking forward to our very own short film festival. We plan to organize a novel screenplay writing or short film filming contest for Secondary Tamil students. Hopefully this event can culminate in a festival which will not only feature the short-film screening, but a blend of exciting singing, dance and drama segments. 

You can also look forward to our mini Deepavali initiatives which happen during the week of celebrations. Stay tuned for exciting videos, social media challenges and more! We will be strongly encouraging everyone to don Indian ethnic wear on the day of celebrations, so we are as excited as you are :)

Why should you join:

As cliche as it sounds, ICS is more than just a CCA, it is a home for all of us. It is our second family, where we bond over quality Indian food, discuss the newest Kollywood films (yes, that’s a thing) and laugh at our lame jokes. The community in ICS is highly unique—we are encouraged to step out of our comfort zones by participating in various competitions and performances,  while exploring and embracing our vibrant Indian culture and identity. We gain opportunities to meaningfully interact with old friends, and make many new ones as well. Our environment is warm, welcoming and there’s good vibes all around :) 

We are waiting for you with open arms! 

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