CCA Previews ’20: Malay Literary Drama Cultural Society

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By MLDCS Batch ‘20

The Malay Literary Drama Cultural Society is an affable and close-knit community that provides our members with a circle of friends that we can always rely on, even in the midst of the stresses of JC life.

As an events-based CCA, we do not hold weekly meetings, but instead organise several activities throughout the year. These activities aim to help the Malay community in RI appreciate culture, spark passion in current affairs affecting our community, and most importantly, forge strong friendships that can last beyond one’s JC life. 

To start off the year, we hold a 2-day-1-night camp which aims to bond the seniors and juniors on top of strengthening intra-batch relations. As part of this camp, several activities—ranging from station games to escape rooms and an amazing race—are held. By engaging in fun and fulfilling activities together, our members are able to socialise and make friends we can depend on, as well as exemplify the Kampung Spirit with, throughout our next 2 years in RI.

Orientation Camp 2019!

Every year, we organise the Seminar Belia (Youth Seminar), which aims to bring together secondary school and junior college students to discuss pertinent issues in the society. This year, to celebrate Singapore’s bicentennial, the topic of our seminar was “Dua Abad Singapura: Waktu Dini, Waktu Kini, Waktu Lini” (Singapore Bicentennial: Past, Present, Future). The seminar featured a three-member panel consisting of Dr Sae’da Buang, Dr Bibi Jan Mohd Ayyub, and Mr Mohd Raman Daud.

Our guest speakers for Seminar Belia 2019: ‘Waktu Dini, Waktu Kini, Waktu Lini’.

As an annual tradition, during Ramadan (the fasting month), we invite all the CCA members to break fast in school and enjoy a nice meal together; in 2020, Ramadan will begin in late April. The excitement and joy of breaking fast with your friends is definitely something you should not miss out on, but you know what else is in store for you? The delectable dishes being served! Truly, food is the ingredient that binds us together.

To celebrate a month’s worth of fasting, comes the commencement of Hari Raya Aidilfitri where we enjoy delicious festive foods and strengthen bonds between loved ones. As part of this year’s Raya celebration, we organised an unofficial house-visit outing to each others’ homes, also known as jalan raya. Even though it was challenging commuting as a big group to various areas in Singapore, we had fun as the outing was a great way to take a break from mugging for the CTs in July.

Dressed to the nines at one of our friends’ house!

Sure, at first glance, it may seem that MLDCS is solely a platform that offers the activities you have read above. But it is so much more than that. MLDCS is more than just a CCA: it is a community that brings Malay students from our school together for us to forge close ties and build friendships that will last beyond our JC years. We hope that MLDCS is where you can feel rooted and connected by our common Malay heritage.

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