CCA Previews ’20: Table Tennis

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By Table Tennis ’20

Table Tennis might be an entertaining sport to catch sight of. However, beyond the spectacle of thrilling rallies lies a demanding juggling act—one in which consistent skills and mental toughness are put to the test.

In the 2019 National School Games, the RJTT boys and girls team took home the Championship titles, extending our title leads for the 16th and 9th year running respectively. The road to our victories, however, is never smooth sailing. Year after year, we continue to strive for excellence with the determination and fighting spirit that our seniors have displayed. 

To hone our skills, we train at the Gymnasium on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday and Friday, training is from 5pm to 8pm, and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm on Wednesday. Table Tennis requires a lot of maturity in thinking of strategies during gameplay, and thus one can expect frequent internal friendly matches with teammates and juniors from the RI and RGS schools. Through these matches, we gain exposure to players of different styles and further improve upon our techniques. 

In trainings and matches, our coaches and teachers (Mr Chan, Ms Lin, and Mrs Ng) guide us through advice and feedback, helping us to improve and reach our goals. Moreover, our past batches of seniors often come back to train and bond with us.

All smiles after achieving double champions for the 9th year running.

At Raffles Table Tennis, we are one big family, supporting and spurring each other on through highs and lows. It is a common sight to see players from all divisions training together in the gymnasium at the Y1–4 campus. This is one of the iconic features of our CCA—we work hard together especially during competition seasons to bring the Championship titles home. 

The support from our coaches, teachers, alumni and parents and teammates is what makes the experience at our CCA unique and unforgettable. Moreover, it is during competitions where the Rafflesian spirit is exhibited, where players shout the raffles cheers loudly, and compete like true Rafflesians, never giving up.

If you are determined to challenge your mental capacity and break past your physical capability, the Raffles Table Tennis team welcomes you with open arms. Do consider joining our family, and we will make your JC journey a fruitful and enjoyable one!

The batch of 2020 welcomes you!
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