CCA Previews ’20: Audio Visual Unit

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By Hong Lin Shang (20S06L), Chairperson

Picture this: You’re in a classroom, having Civics. Your form teacher is about to show your class a very informative video about dengue fever and you are beyond excited to learn about the five-step mozzie wipeout. Suddenly, the screen goes blank. All your classmates’ eyes turn to you in your Raffles Crew jacket. It’s your time to shine.

Thankfully (or not), that is barely a fraction of what we do in Audio Visual Unit. Our job is to ensure the smooth running of the lights and sounds in various happenings in school. 

We cover a wide variety of events, including but not limited to: morning assembly, school-wide celebrations (National Day, Teachers’ Day etc), as well as concerts, events, and symposiums held by other CCAs. This means that you can get free tickets for your friends’ performances, as well as backstage passes to meet Personalities behind the scenes.

As a side advantage, when we are free before and after rehearsals, we get the AV system and the booked location to ourselves, which has resulted in many Unconventional Incidents. 

We don’t have any actual photos of us At Work, but this is close enough I guess.

“But I have not done anything more advanced than bluetooth speakers before!” you say. Don’t worry, we conduct training sessions with all members so that you will be confident in working the lights and sounds for all the different venues in school. No prerequisites are needed and many skills can be picked up along the way with experience.

Once the training sessions are complete, there will not be any fixed CCA sessions for the rest of the year and you can feel free to sign up for whichever event fits into your schedule! However, do take note that some events can end as late as 10 pm, but the timings will be given beforehand. 

Over your two years in AVU, you will have to fulfil at least 60 hours of service in total (it is a lot more manageable than it sounds), after which your service hours will be counted as VIA hours! You will also get to interact with many different individuals, and gain new experiences and skills that can help you in the future. Most importantly, you will forge many new friendships with your CCA mates and discover the colourful backgrounds of each member through your time spent together. Hopefully, the memories you create together will help you pull through these tough two years of your JC life. 

avu 2
cool party with our seniors (yes, those are cables that we used as decoration. and yes, the balloons spell ABU. we tried.)

So if you think that this is your cup of tea, come give AVU a try! We’ll be seeing you from the control room either way. 

If you have any questions for us, feel free to email us at or DM us on instagram @auspiciummeliorisav! 

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