CCA Previews ’20: Swimming

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By Chelsea Khoo (20S07A), Captain,  Jaryl Yeo (20S06I), Vice-Captain, and Megan Ng (20S03P), Vice-Captain

Ever seen someone with unnaturally brown and dry hair? Someone who reeks of chlorine? Someone with an abnormal tan line around their eyes? Yup, that’s probably one of us—a swimmer. 

The Raffles Swim Team consists of self-disciplined and resilient Rafflesians that strive to give their best in the water, be it in training or during competitions. While many students are still fast asleep, we wake up in the wee hours of the morning, braving the cold and plunging headfirst into the pool for another training session at 5:30am. After a gruelling day in school, we head back to the pool for yet another session. 

swimming 1.png
A division girls relay finals

However intensive and exhausting our trainings are, we still try our very best to juggle it with academics and other commitments in and outside of school. This requires much grit, perseverance and self-discipline. We may feel like giving in to the exhaustion and giving up due to the monotony of our daily lives as a swimmer, but no, we push ourselves. You know what they say: when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! In addition, our teachers in charge, Mr Chan, Ms Lee, and Mr Swee, are always present to ensure we are managing well. 

swimming 2
A Division Girls Finals

The major swimming meets include the Singapore National Age Group championships and the National School Games held in March and April respectively. The adrenaline pumping through your veins when you hear the resounding cheers of support from your school and teammates before you plunge into the water and race your heart out is an inexplicable feeling you will never forget.

swimming 3
A Division Boys 100m Freestyle Finals
swimming 4
Y1-6 Raffles Swim Team

The Raffles Swimming Team has been consistently achieving commendable results, with the ‘A’ Division girls emerging as champions for many years. Meanwhile, the boys are long-standing holders of the first runners-up position.

Although most of us train at our respective clubs, we do have combined training sessions to facilitate team bonding. We usually have these training sessions once every 2 weeks from the start of the school year till the National School Games. Trainings are on Wednesday mornings at 5.30 AM. 

To join us, you will simply need a competitive swimming background and official timings from previous competitions which meet the qualifying times of the National School Games. We look forward to seeing you soon!

swimming 5
Y5 Raffles Swim Team
swimming 6
Year 5-6 Raffles Swim Team


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