Monday Enrichment Programme Preview ‘19: Raffles INVENT

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By Isaac Yeo (19S06A)

Attention all future inventors and current procrastinators! Do you think you’re sitting on the next million-dollar idea? Are you the next William Tan, or would you like to meet them? Well if so, or you just have a passion for tinkering with technology, then Raffles INVENT is the Monday Enrichment Program for you!

Project Pitch to a panel of judges at SG:D TechBlazer Awards

As the name suggests, Raffles INVENT is a Monday Enrichment Program that is geared towards having students create a tech product or program. Students spend the year practicing and preparing for presentations at external competitions and the INVENT techfest, where they can showcase their ingenuity to industry members.

INVENT Monday Session on Cyber Security

That being said, one need not be discouraged by the daunting task of having to create a presentation-worthy product all by themselves. The weekly INVENT sessions are meant to equip students with the know-how and the resources they need. A typical session starts with an exposure to some sort of hardware or software development kit, followed by some time to brainstorm and develop their project ideas. Finally, students are given an opportunity to consult the teacher mentors and their peers in order to gather constructive feedback and presenting experience.

Presentation on “AI for Good” by Mr Richard Koh (CTO of Microsoft)

Notwithstanding, not all INVENT sessions are simply glorified PW sessions. In place of the fieldwork or international trips you might expect from other MEPs, INVENT students have the unique opportunity to attend exclusive industry visits to companies like Google, Microsoft and A*Star. Furthermore, INVENT students can also expect opportunities to get up close and personal with prominent members of the Singaporean tech community through organised fireside chats where you can expect to engage in lively discussions about careers in tech and the direction of the tech economy.

Guided Tour of Fusionworld

So, if you’re a budding inventor, tech enthusiast or at all interested by what you see above, go ahead and give INVENT shot, it’ll MAKE for a great time.


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