CCA Previews ’19: Club Automatica

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By Club Automatica

Ever wanted to be the next Tony Stark? Though we can’t turn you into a genius, billionaire, playboy or philanthropist (and certainly don’t have the budget for a suit of armour), Club Automatica is the first step to discovering more about robotics and artificial intelligence here in RI.

Though robotics often conjures up the image of a bunch of geeks hunched over computer screens typing furiously away at a keyboard, Automatica is so much more than that. As much as coding and building are important skills that you will pick up in the club, you’ll soon come to realise that robotics is also about teamwork and camaraderie. It’s about gritting your teeth and pushing on when nothing seems to work. It’s about the crazy lengths we go to in order to challenge ourselves, and the laughter and cringe when our robots fail miserably. Most of all, it’s a home for all its members.

Every year, Automatica participates in two major competitions – Robocup and the National Robotics Competition (NRC). Robocup provides you with the opportunity to choose what suits you best. Fascinated by the beautiful game? Soccer will allow you to translate the masterful performances of Ronaldo and Messi onto the Robocup pitch. Want to show off your more artistic side? Dance will let you choreograph your very own performance with robot dancers. Yearning to solve tough problems? Rescue will challenge you to navigate a complex maze and save the victims of a disaster. No matter where your interests lie, there’s something for everyone. Winning the national leg of Robocup also stands to qualify you for the international edition, held in Sydney this year.

NRC will challenge you to work with the LEGO EV3 Robotics Kit and develop a robot to complete several tasks on a playing field. Don’t let the word LEGO fool you – by no means are our robots toys. Working with LEGO will challenge you to think out of the box, and teach you the basics of mechanical engineering and architecture. In fact, the first task assigned to us by our coach was to build a structure that could withstand a seven story drop. Winning the local competition will also qualify you to take part in the World Robotics Olympiad held in Hungary.

CCA is held twice a week, on Wednesdays and an additional day on top of that (usually Saturdays). However, we have a flexible schedule which will be determined by the respective team leaders based on their team members’ schedules.

If you have prior experience in programming and/or robotics, Automatica is the place to challenge yourself, and take your skills to the next level. We are looking to develop a community passionate about technology here in RI, and we need you to be part of it! For those who don’t have any prior experience, Automatica is a place for you to explore your interest in the area, and learn in a hands-on environment oriented around projects instead of a syllabus. In any case, Automatica is the right place for you if you are curious, passionate, and have a never-say-die attitude.

See y’all at Open House!


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