CCA Previews 2019

CCA Previews ’19: Raffles Press

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Loh Lin (19A01D), Chairperson

Pulitzer winner James Steele says that it is part of a journalist’s duty to give those without a voice a chance to be heard. A noble ambition, but one that may ring hollow in the context of a school setting. The nature of our existence as student journalists outside the familiar world of big newsrooms seems almost frivolous in comparison, and thus prompts the question of what exactly Raffles Press does and what purpose we serve. Naturally, we’ve come prepared with answers.

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CCA Previews ’19: Students’ Council

Reading Time: 5 minutes

By The 38th Presidents – Chew Jay Hong, Tan Hui Ying, Jin Xuan

Hello there and welcome to Students’ Council! As you can probably tell from the (slightly wonky) “38”, we are the 38th batch of Student Councillors. We stand as a 60-strong team, comprising different personalities and working styles, but all brought together by a common purpose of building a more inclusive and enjoyable Raffles experience for all, while remaining grounded and approachable to the very students we serve. By leveraging on our respective strengths, we are able to create a range of unique experiences for our schoolmates through a variety of events, such as the annual inter-house competition, Team Raffles Games (TRG), to National Day Celebrations and Mega Mugging Madness (MMM). Though the planning and execution of these events can take months, the joy and excitement our fellow Rafflesians experience make all our efforts worth it.

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CCA Previews ’19: Hockey

Reading Time: 4 minutes

By Natalie Law Xin Ying 19S06P (girls captain), Lauren Loy 19A01C (girls vice), Sarah Tan Jas-Lynn 19S03H (girls vice), Joash Tan 19S03C (boys vice)

Game face on, no fear.

Push, sweep, hit; score, cheer.

There has always been an indescribable beauty in the dynamics of a game of hockey – the unspoken chemistry, the satisfactory burst of dopamine from the soft ‘thud’ of a good tackle, the palpitating silence before a short corner; but nothing truly beats the feeling of contentment from the sense of camaraderie – all amalgamating into what can only be described as “teamwork makes the dream work”.

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