CCA Previews ’19: Writer’s Guild

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By Writers’ Guild Exco


We are Writers’ Guild.

Guild is one of RJ’s two writing-centric CCAs. Writing is the very core of our existence.

And because of that, you may be thinking to yourself: this CCA preview is going to be a literary masterpiece. It’s going to be poetic and persuasive, or at the very least it will blow me away with elegant words and pretty pictures.

But today, dear reader, this author is not going to attempt to woo you with elegant words and pretty pictures. Today, this author swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Guild.

So without further ado, here we go.


This CCA has found its home on the fifth floor of Block A, where members gather every Monday from 4pm to 6pm. Guild is a creative writing CCA, which means that we mainly write fiction. This is not to be confused with primary school creative writing assignments, for not only do our members write in prose, we also double as poets and some have even dabbled in playwriting.

Though in actuality, most of this exploration doesn’t happen during CCA hours. In fact, 90% of our writing is done at home, in our own time (and for good reason, too, since this author, for one, probably couldn’t write a single word with her batchmates all collectively breathing down her neck). So, you may ask, what exactly do these Guildlings do for two hours a week? To which I will answer, Good question! Let me tell you.

Each Guildling must enter creative writing competitions every year. Which competition exactly is completely up to you; the entry is individual and you are free to select whatever best suits your writing style. The majority of our year’s sessions will involve group feedback sessions known as comp crit, short for competition critique. Guildlings split up into small groups, read each others’ work, and give feedback, after which each member edits the piece to improve it for competitions. And our efforts have definitely come to fruition, for every year without fail a good number of our members bag prestigious prizes from competitions all over the world.

Though perhaps I shouldn’t jinx it. Moving on!

Apart from competition critique, CCA sessions also rotate between presentations and the much-loved bonding sessions. During presentations, members form groups to share different writing styles and techniques, which cover everything from puns to songwriting. And of course, bonding sessions are often what Guildlings look forward to most; it’s when the spirit and bond within Guild are most evident through games, banter, and food!

In addition, the CCA takes part in CCA VIA, volunteering at the Singapore Writers’ Festival (SWF) annually, for example, and also invites well-known authors and poets to speak to our members or conduct writing workshops.

Our members volunteering at SWF 2018!

Towards the end of each year, the batch gears up for its biggest undertaking: the publishing of our annual anthology. This is a compilation of the members’ best works neatly bound up into book form.

Our seniors performing at the 2018 anthology launch

The work is completely student-driven, so Guildlings do everything, from writing the pieces, preparing for the anthology launch, to haggling with print shops over prices. It’s a hard but definitely rewarding journey, culminating in us becoming published authors at the end of it all.

Guild’s 2018 anthology was titled Comma

Sounds great! You may be thinking. I can hardly wait! How do I sign up?

Well, in the spirit of inclusivity, Guild is — and always has been — an auto-accept CCA. This means no entry tests and no interviews. All you need to do to enter Guild is to express your interest in joining us, and you’re in! Because of this, you’re welcome no matter your level of writing ability — seasoned writers will find themselves in good company, while beginner writers will have no lack of mentors to seek guidance from (or, alternatively, fellow newbies to struggle learn with).

Another of Guild’s perks: Every year we attract a mishmash of different personalities and talents, so you’ll definitely find your place in this CCA. But don’t be fooled, for Guild is by no means for everyone. If you find writing a bore or can’t stand to have your work critiqued, then Guild might perhaps not be the best fit for you.


However! If you love writing, write for fun, and are willing to commit to writing consistently beyond CCA hours, then that’s perfect! This author can guarantee that you’ll enjoy your stay in Guild, and, in time, come to love it too.

Welcome to Guild.

(Oh. And one last thing: we’re not Raffles Press, nor is Guild a nickname for Press, nor are we affiliated with Press. Please stop asking.)

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