CCA Previews ’19: Raffles Photographic Society

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By Raffles Photographic Society

Photography goes beyond just clicking the shutter and taking the photo – thought has to go into the type of composition that you desire; and even lighting conditions need to be considered for the final photograph.

Here in the Raffles Photographic Society, we provide you with both the expertise as well as the platform for you to develop your individual photography skills! We have professional local photographers that come down for our sessions to not only impart valuable advice about our very own photographs, but also expose our members to various styles & techniques of photography.

There are 2 key aspects of being a Raffles Photographer: covering school-wide events (we call this Event Coverage), as well as preparing for our very own exhibitions where YOUR very own photos will be displayed for hundreds to view.

For Event Coverage, members are expected to fulfill at least 40 hours of coverage from Year 5 to Year 6. (VIA hours will be added accordingly once the minimum requirement has been hit.) Shooting school events include taking photographs of various sporting competitions, and even performances by our very own Performing Arts CCAs. There are also other events like Deck The Walls (CCA photos displayed at Blocks J and K) where members can clock their hours and serve the school.

This means that being a Raffles Photographer involves a lot of hard work, as well as sacrifice. Sometimes, being on duty means needing to be under the hot sun, or even not being able to enjoy the event properly. However, it is always rewarding to take spectacular images of your batchmates and even your friends! We photographers have the ability to capture real-time feelings and preserve these memories forever; it is no doubt we have a huge responsibility. Despite this, there is no need to feel anxious about not getting the right shot; photography is all about practice and learning from your mistakes. Before you know it, capturing moments of success or emotions at these school events will be a breeze for you! :)

Typically, each RPS member will be involved in three exhibitions; two in Year 5, and one final one in Year 6. In Y5, members will have a small role in ArtSeason, followed by a full exhibition at the end of the year. In Y6, members will have a full exhibition at ArtSeason. Members should definitely look forward to these exhibitions, as it is a great opportunity for them to showcase their hard work and efforts through their photographs.

Our CCA sessions are usually held weekly on Friday afternoons. These sessions will be headed by our external instructors, who will continually provide guidance as our members develop their own unique styles. Our sessions often alternate between external guided shoots, and photo review sessions. Through this, we believe our photography will not only be aesthetic, but also insightful & thought-provoking.

Given the very nature of Event Coverage, Raffles Photographic Society has the distinctive privilege of working with each and every CCA. Our photographers have the unique opportunity to experience significant moments first-hand, while supporting their friends by capturing these moments, for good and all. We also closely collaborate with other CCAs like Press, Council and Runway.

We conduct casual auditions, so there is no need to feel nervous at all! We will most likely request for you to get 3-5 photographs to share with us, so do get them ready! We look forward to meeting all interested and aspiring photographers!


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