CCA Previews ’19: Art Club

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By Chew Yun Ting (19S02A), Chairperson, Leong Sheu Wen (19S06S), Vice-Chairperson, Nicole Zhao (19S06M), Secretary, Harishini D/O Thiruselvan (19S03J), Welfare head, and Kelly Png Zi Yin (19S07A), Quartermaster

Are you a lost soul wandering about with only a pencil and a piece of paper? Wander no more, for Art Club is just the place for you! We meet every Wednesday from 2.30-5.30pm at the cozy Art Room, where we make art while enjoying the company of fellow artist friends!

In our sessions, we dabble in a variety of art mediums and techniques, ranging from acrylic to watercolour or even figure sketching. Each Wednesday ends with a critique session, during which we share our ideas, opinions, and art pieces. Through this, we hope to encourage members to strive for improvement, as well as to promote an open and comfortable environment within our CCA.

A quick glimpse into our critique sessions
Art Club members immersed in acrylic painting

Other than art and critique sessions, we also hold an annual exhibition to share our works with fellow schoolmates. Last year, we went through a digital and illustration workshop, culminating in a showcase of our final products in a school-wide exhibition, “Reverie”. Organising the exhibition was an intensive journey, during which all members of the CCA were involved in the process of planning, curation, and execution. From generating an overarching theme to sticking individual pins onto the exhibition boards, we gained a thorough understanding and appreciation of what it takes to set up a proper exhibition. Some of us even had the opportunity to interact with interested passers-by, such as students’ parents, who gave us valuable feedback and interesting insights.

A snapshot of the launch of our 2018 exhibition, “Reverie”

As a member of the Art Club, you can also look forward to excursions that will deepen your understanding of art. Here are some photos of our outings to the CBD area for urban sketching, Gillman Barracks, as well as a tour of various murals in Singapore led by the artists of the murals themselves! Getting a firsthand view of a professional’s art was an eye opening experience for all of us.

How many cats are there in this picture? A fellow art club member patiently counts… Picture taken at Gillman Barracks
Two friends peacefully sketching a scenic view by the Singapore River

As part of the CCA, you can make use of your artistic talents to reach out to the wider community, in addition to self expression. We hope that through creating and sharing art, we can add colour to mundane situations and inspire appreciation.

So what are you waiting for? Drop by our booth during Open House or check our instagram account @rafflesartists to find out more. For CCA trials, experience isn’t a requirement, although we recommend bringing along a physical or digital portfolio for auditions. See you there!

Got an artist block? Talk to fellow friends in the Art Club!
A splendid masterpiece, inspired by a simple view from an open classroom window


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