CCA Previews ’19: Audio Visual Unit

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By Jaryl Goh (19S03I), Chairperson

Your morning assembly is never quite the same without us. For everything else, there’s a loudhailer?

Have you ever thought of being the “backbone” of events, or wondered how events are able to run so smoothly? Have you ever looked up at the “black box”, imagining yourself managing rehearsals, ensuring that both lights and sound work out just fine?

Well, then AVU might be the CCA for you.

Upon joining AVU, terms like EQ, XLRs, and even snakes will become part of your vocabulary. You will learn how to manage lights and sound, which are useful skills in a Singapore that aims to be a Smart Nation. Furthermore, your batch can decide to pick up a batch course, such as a DJ course! If this interests you, AV is definitely the CCA for you.

DJ training course

While AVU as a CCA demands technical skills, prior technical experience is absolutely not a prerequisite for you to join us. By joining AVU, you will be able to pick up a few new skills! Through training sessions organized by us as well as by participating in events, you will definitely be equipped with the relevant skills over time. By the end of this close to 2-years journey, you will even be able to mic up a full band, so do not worry!

Throughout your AV journey, you will be given the chance to interact with many different groups of people, as we support school events such as Orientation and school celebrations, concerts held by the Performing Arts CCA, as well as symposiums and events hosted by clubs and societies.

In AVU, you will be required to attend weekly afternoon training sessions as well as to sign up for events of your choice. Rehearsals as well as the actual day of the event can end as late or even later than 10pm, so AV might not be suited for you if you have curfews. In addition, every AV member has to fulfill 60 hours of service. After these 60 hours, the service hours will be counted as VIA hours.

Nonetheless, AVU is not merely a tech-driven CCA or a service CCA that we can use to gain VIA hours. To us all, the people that we meet in AVU, as well as the friendships forged, is what makes our time here enjoyable. Every one of us, with different backgrounds, come together as one to ensure that events run smoothly, going through ups and downs together as a united batch. Although it is our responsibility to ensure that such events and concerts proceed well, we do not seek recognition or appraisal from others. We know that we are the backbone that holds these events together. Knowing that, we are always elated when events come together, and we will do whatever we can, backstage as well as in the control room, to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

AVU at Induction 2018

So, if you are looking for a close-knitted CCA, and are not afraid to take up the challenge of managing shows and events, then AVU is definitely the CCA for you.

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