CCA Previews ’18: Touch Rugby

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By Chan Kah Yan (18S03E), Ex-Captain, Crystal Tan Yanying (18S03H), Ex-Vice Captain, Loo Hui Lin (18S06D), Secretary and Teo Hui Wen (18S06Q), Quartermistress

Touch Rugby?

I wonder, what could that be?

Is it the sport with the funny-looking ball?

Oh no, do I have to be built like a wall?

Yes! You got to fight and possibly break some bones,

I’m just kidding! Don’t put down your phone.

‘Then what is it, just running after a ball?’

Don’t worry, I’m here to give you an idea, after all

Defenders have to make a touch,

With just enough force but not too much.

No tackling or shoving,

That’s just bullying.

Then you have to move 5 metres back,

Not just one, but together, as a whole pack.

Attackers have 6 touches to score,

After that, the ball is yours no more!

With your stamina, speed and agility,

Together with planned strategies,

When you make that final dive,

You will never feel more alive!

Teamwork comes into play,

And everyone contributes in their own way.

Communication is also key,

To help provide clarity.

Together with all our different personalities,

This team will become a family.

So what are you waiting for?

Come join us for an experience like never before!

Hello and welcome J1s! With that little introduction, we hope you got the slight gist of what Touch Rugby is about. Like the name suggests, Touch Rugby is derived from rugby, but instead of tackling each other, players defend by using their hands to touch the opponent on any part of the body, clothing, or the ball. When a touch is made, the defending team must move 5 metres back before they can move forward to make another touch. The attacking team has 6 touches to try to score a touchdown. On the 6th touch, the possession of the ball will change over.

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While Touch Rugby as a sport requires physical fitness, it also requires mental agility. Anything can happen on the field and players must be able to think on their feet, assess the situation and execute the best strategy. These strategies must be backed up by everyone on the team, which is why communication is key. As cliche as it sounds, teamwork does make the dream work. Not only will you become a better player as an individual, but you will become a better teammate.

Worried because you have never been in a team sport before? Or because you were previously in a non-sports CCA? Fear not! Touch Rugby is a developmental sport where everyone starts on the same level. Together as a team, you will start from square one and learn the necessary ball handling skills before mastering the multiple strategies you can execute out on the field. Practice makes perfect; you will make mistakes together but most importantly, you will learn from them together.

IMG_7714 copyUnder the guidance of our coaches, we train twice a week, with trainings every Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Additionally, we have conditioning sessions every Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Besides the annual JC League, there are many other opportunities for us to put our skills to the test. With fun and exciting events like NTU Touch Attack and Singapore Junior Touch Championships and also friendly games with other schools, they give us the chance to not only hone our skills but also have a great time as a team.

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If you want to experience the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins and the camaraderie of being in team, sign up for our trials where we will look out for ball sense, agility and speed. JC is a short and inevitably, stressful 2 years. Have a desire to try something new? Seize every opportunity and give it a try! Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and we look forward to seeing you!

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