Colours on a SP3C7RUM: Students’ Council Investiture 2017

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By Calista Chong (18A01A) and Zara Karimi (18A01A)

Photos by Raffles Photographic Society

The mood in the multi-purpose hall was anticipatory as students, parents, teachers and guests made their way to their respective seats during assembly period for Council Investiture, ushered in by members of the 37th Students’ Council.

Council Investiture is an annual event that serves to commemorate the handover of responsibilities to the incoming batch, as well as celebrate the contributions of the outgoing batch.

The theme for this year’s investiture was Spectrum, which represents the assortment of individual experiences within Students’ Council, functioning like colours on a spectrum. In acknowledging this unity in diversity, members of the 37th Students’ Council hope to bring about positive, effective change in the school.

Council 2
The arrival of the Guest-of-Honor, Dr. Chan Tat-Hon, accompanied by Deputy Principal Mr Magendiran

The event began with the arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Dr Chan Tat-Hon. As Vice-President of the 5th Students’ Council, Dr Chan drew on his personal experiences in cautioning the new batch of councillors of the disappointments and obstacles they would face in their term, stating in his address that “the journey [would] not always be…smooth-sailing.” However, he went on to express that so long as councillors continued to “do things out of love” they would succeed at “[persevering] in the face of adversity.”  

President of the 36th Students’ Council, See Chung Yi, gives his speech

This sentiment was echoed in the speech made by See Chung Yi, President of the 36th Students’ Council. He started his address by conveying his feelings, “a little nervous, but filled with anticipation”. It was clearly evident that he did not forget the promise which the 36th Student’s Council had made to the student body and to themselves, as he referenced last year’s theme “Blossom” — helping the school grow into something more “beautiful, and vibrant”. He then went on to express his hopes for the new batch of councillors, hoping that “like colours on a spectrum, [they will] be united by a common passion for service”. Lastly, he ended his speech with keen gratitude — “…this is my heart, filled with love.”

Shortly after, the symbolic processes of investiture commenced with the stepping-down of the 36th Students’ Council. Members of the 36th were presented with Certificates of Appreciation by Deputy Principal Mr Magendiran, so as to recognize their efforts in supporting the school community for the past year.

Following this came the poignantly emblematic Blazer Ceremony, where the senior batch of councillors helped their juniors don their blazers. This represented the transfer of responsibilities from one batch onto the sturdy shoulders of another. Smartly decked out in their blazers and encouraged by the rapturous applause of the batch of 2018 as they strode onto the stage, the members of the 37th Students’ Council were officially ready to begin their journey as Student Councillors.

After the last Councillor had been invested, the 37th Students’ Council lined up in rows on stage, solemn-faced and resolute. Vice-presidents Jared Foong (18S06H) and Warren Liow (18A01B) led the batch in reciting the Council’s Oath. It was delivered with great gusto, conveying the conviction that councillors have in their promise to serve.

Thereafter, newly invested Council President Beverly Fu (18S03Q) addressed the school. She first thanked the audience for believing in the councillors, and vowed to be “worthy of that trust”. Her speech focused on the theme, “Spectrum”, which encapsulates the aspirations that the 37th batch has for their coming term. Like her predecessor, Beverly went on to make the earnest promises that “unity will not come at the expense of individuality”, and no councillor’s “spark [will ever be] dulled”. Lastly, she exhorted the 37th Students’ Council to “[allow] the badge to be a constant reminder of the oath [they took] today”, and ended on a poetic note — that Councillors will always “have their eyes on the stars, and feet on the ground”.

As the end of Investiture drew near, a video montage dedicated to the 36th Students’ Council prepared by the newly invested batch was played. It was axiomatic that the seniors played an integral role in providing support and encouragement to their juniors, having showed them “what pride, spirit and unity really looked like”.

Council Investiture not only marked a change in reins, but signalled the start of a new chapter — in the journey of service and leadership for the 37th Students’ Council, and also for the school community as well. The 37th Students’ Council will no doubt continue their predecessors’ legacy and be instrumental in shaping our school experience for the next year.

Council 3
The 37th Students’ Council, newly invested, standing before the school

Raffles Press congratulates the 37th Students’ Council on their investiture, and wishes them a fruitful year ahead.

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