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RI’s New Cafe, Professor Brawn: Great Food with a Great Cause

Reading Time: 8 minutes

By Loh Lin (19A01D), Alyssa Marie Loo (19A13A) and Liu Enqi (19A01C)

Rumours have been going around: “There’s a new cafe where the old Manna Cafe was? And there’s Gong Cha?!” We at Raffles Press have set out to investigate this new Professor Brawn cafe, and we bring you this exclusive scoop before you see the cafe for yourself when it opens on 2nd July. We cover their special cause for special needs, their rumoured Gong Cha, and last but not least, their food.

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Behind the Seams: The Models of Raffles Runway

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Rachel Lee (19A01D), Lynn Hong (18A13A), Soh Gek Shuen (18S03B) and Zhu Xiuhua (18S06A)

Read the second part of this feature on the designers of Raffles Runway here.

We see them strutting, elegant and confident, down runways, red carpets, and maybe even school corridors. Raffles Press brings you the person behind the poise, interviewing Ng Kelly (18S05A) and Alex Foo (18A03A) to share their journey in modelling.

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Writers’ Guild Anthology ’18: A COMMAntry

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Wong Zi Yang (19A01D)
Photos taken by Aiken Lee (18S06G)

The comma: a simple punctuation mark, used by everyone in their daily lives (especially those who write essays upon essays. When will it end?). We almost never appreciate its existence, beyond its ability to differentiate between ‘let’s eat, grandpa’ and ‘let’s eat grandpa’. But no longer is it overshadowed by the long lines of text that flank it; Writers’ Guild shone a spotlight on the comma, featuring this often-overlooked punctuation mark as its theme in their Writers’ Guild Anthology Launch on 30th April.

This is an ode to the comma. Neither the start nor the end, the comma invites readers to enjoy an oasis on a trade route. This simple pause, in the right context, weaves a world of layers within the space of a sentence.

– Writers’ Guild, foreword

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Pressing Ahead 2018: Engaging the Community — A Work in Progress

Reading Time: 7 minutes

By Varun Karthik (19S06A) and Loh Lin (19A01D)
Photos courtesy of Phang Yeu Yeou (19A01B) and Raffles Photographic Society

When one thinks of a student journalist, several images jump to mind: a figure hunched over their laptop poring over google documents, perhaps. Or a frazzled individual darting from person to person thrusting a figurative microphone under their noses, putting them on the spot each time. These encounters aside, the student journalist remains largely out of sight, with nothing — save for their carefully curated publications — to account for their existence. So on the silent pursuit goes: probing, discovering, writing. In the process, a necessary question arises: how do we adapt to what the community cares about?

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Spectrum 2018: Recognise Your Privilege

Reading Time: 6 minutes

By Mabel Yet (19S03Q) and Mahima Sowrirajan (19S07A)

“Our system of meritocracy is working less well than it used to, two generations in.”

Even more than two years on, these words spoken by former Principal Mr. Chan Poh Meng still hit hard. Rafflesians take pride in their glorious, sparkling achievements, from clinching gold after gold in sports to sweeping the boards in Science Olympiads. Without thought, we applaud these outstanding individuals for their relentless strive for excellence. Yet, we often fail to consider what much of our achievements are enabled by – privilege.

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