Floorball Boys ‘A’ Division Finals 2017

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By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A) and Jeslyn Tan (18S06R)

Photos by Raffles Photographic Society and Choi Hoe Chang

On 17th May, our boys’ floorball team faced Victoria Junior College in the finals of the ‘A’ Division Floorball National Championship. The match was expected to be intense and tough – RI and VJC have long been rivals in floorball, as both possess equal skills, strength, and spirit. They were to put themselves to the test for three periods, each lasting 15 minutes.

We arrived at the Delta Sports Hall just as the match was about to begin. Both teams  were having their last huddle before the championship game, and the crowd was waiting in tense anticipation. The spectators’ galleries were packed with spectators who were eager to witness the showdown.

The two teams greet the crowd as the match begins

The match began, and the floorballers went into action.  

1st period

In the first period, the strategies of both teams were clear. RI focused mainly on defence, our VJC focused on their offensive.

Of course, this trend was reversed on some remarkable occasions where some of our boys cut through the VJC defence lines to attempt territorial invasion and even goal attempts.

Fierce competition for the ball

However, the stellar performance of both teams’ goalkeepers ensured that a 0-0 scorecard was maintained for the majority of the period. The competition for ball possession and territorial invasion was intense, until VJC drew first blood with a goal, 7:51 into the game.

For the remainder of the period, mainly long passes and attack-defence routines were observed from both teams.

2nd period

The second period saw a significant change in RI’s strategy. In the attempt to catch up to VJC’s lead in the scorecard, our boys shifted their focus on territorial invasions and goal attempts.

Several close attempts to shoot were made, only to be denied by the VJC goalkeepers. Our opponent maintained their aggressive attack strategy and scored a goal about 6 minutes into the period. The next ten minutes showcased a series of goal attempts, which were all either denied by the goalkeeper or missed entirely.

The heat of action in front of VJC’s goal

The last 90 seconds of the period, however, were fiercely intense. VJC racked up two goals within a single minute, almost ensuring a 4-0 lead by the end of the period. However, our boys made a major comeback by responding with 2 goals in less than 30 seconds. The action-filled period ended with a final score of 2-4, in VJC’s favour.

3rd period

The third and last period was rife with tension. Our boys had 15 minutes to close the 2-point gap, while the Victorians needed to focus on defence.

Our players brace themselves

However, less than 30 seconds in, VJC scored yet another goal, widening the gap to 5-2. Our boys responded with multiple goal attempts, which were unfortunately unsuccessful. The remaining time ran out quickly, and RI was dethroned by VJC with a final score of 2-5.

Post-Game Sentiments

We followed our boys outside, where they were huddling for a post-game debrief. Understandably, our boys were swollen with emotion. Many of them could not hold back their tears.

The team in post-game huddle

Boys’ Captain Marcus Chua (17S06C) admitted that the VJC team caught our team off guard with their aggressive strategy. However, he applauded the team by commenting: “Even though we were 4-0 down, we didn’t give up…I’m very proud of my team”.

The team assembled at prize presentation

Indeed, our floorballers showed us what it meant to fight with an indomitable spirit. Although all the odds were against them by the end of 2nd period, they were determined to persevere. While they may not have seized the championship title, they stood strong and proud.

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