Raffles Rave: A Preview

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By Choi Hoe Chang (18S07A) and Ling Young Loon (18S07A) 

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Ever wake up mid-sleep, tell yourself you want to party, then realise you are too young to go clubbing? Fret no more. Audio-Visual Unit is bringing the rave to Raffles this Thursday. An afternoon of delicious thrills and musical wonder awaits — free for all Rafflesians.  Are you down for the party?

Raffles Press invites Thet Hay Thi Tun (17S06O), chairperson of the Audio Visual Unit (affectionately known as Raffles Crew or AVU for short) to share her thoughts on the event.

Why did you decide to organise Raffles Rave?

AVU has always been known as the CCA that only helps out with events behind the scenes. As such, we felt that the event would be an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our talents! And what could be better than putting up something that everyone can enjoy (especially after GP Common Test ) – an afternoon of great music while we do what we are most comfortable with – mixing music!

What can students expect from this event ?

[We will be playing] Top hits from many genres, some sample mixes and great vibes! Do check out our website (link below) for more details on the genres. We will also have a low-key club-like atmosphere – except that it is completely legal!

Has there been a lot of preparation going on?

Our members have been practicing hard despite being busy with event rehearsals for the arts season. So, do come down to support us!

Convince Rafflesians to come in a sentence!

It’s free, it’s dark, there’s good music – what more do you need?

Raffles Rave will be held this Thursday, 25th of May, at the Theatre Studies Room, from 3pm to 5pm. Entrance is free.

For more information on the Rave ( and more! ), do visit ttps://avurjc.wixsite.com/rave

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