CCA Previews ’17: MLDCS

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By Abdul Qayyum (17A01B), Programme Coordinator

MLDCS is a close-knit kampong, radiating good old vibes of communal camaraderie and cultural identity. We provide a safe haven, each member a kind-hearted friend that all can depend on in the relentlessly unforgiving storm of JC life. We have fun, work hard, and most importantly, we lepak. Together. We are MLDCS, or if you despise acronyms, the Malay Literary Drama Cultural Society.

Despite what our very lengthy name suggests, we at MLDCS are more than dramatic culturally-aware Malays. Rather, the annual schedule for our CCA is peppered with events and highlights our members actively prepare for and thoroughly enjoy.

ExCo hard at work. Note: this is not full-strength.

At the beginning of the year, MLDCS is one of the first CCAs to force our juniors into socialising with each other in the annual Malay Camp. The camp provides one of the first platforms for our fresh batch of Melayus to be developed into a committed and united brother/sisterhood where each member will not think twice about extending a helping hand or provide a pillar of support for other Melayus in need.

RJC’s massive Melayu batch ’16 &’17

Perhaps the most important event we organise each year is none other than the Malay Seminar. Each year, we gather secondary school and junior college students to discuss pertinent issues plaguing the Malay community. This year, the seminar entitled “Crushing Malay Stereotypes” received positive reception. The seminar included a forum lead by a 5-member panel, and was graced by our Guest of Honour, MP Amrin Amin.

Interaction with an MP. We’re so legit.

MLDCS was also invited to give a performance during this year’s National Day celebrations. And so, being the talented group that we are, we rehearsed for a few weeks to perform Dikir Barat, a musical art form native to the Malay peninsula filled with synchronised hand choreography, melodious singing and harmonious shouting.

Other than that, we even engage in Community Involvement Projects. Very recently, MLDCS set off with a few other CCAs to grace the land of Ang Mo Kio with our sanitary skills and painting prowess. The whole day was spent working with AWWA to clean, repair and paint the homes of underprivileged elderly folk. Brimming with friendly banter and meaningful conversation, MLDCS CIP opportunities are not to be missed.

Happy faces during CIP

Our CCA has even organised bonding sessions, with this year’s main one being an impromptu Iftar (breaking fast session), where all of us, adorned in traditional Malay clothing, gathered in school during Ramadan to break our fast as a batch.

Smiling through the gnawing hunger before breaking fast together.

Overall, MLDCS is a bonded kampong, sharing a strong sense of belonging to our roots, and each other. With our bonds unbreakable and spirit unassailable, MLDCS will be the family you never asked to be in, but would end up wanting to stay in, forever.


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