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By Elizabeth Deng (17A01A), Chairperson of Writer’s Guild

If one happens to walk past a classroom during late Monday afternoons (either in A block or B block, depending), one might be able to look in, and see this:

Students sat together in groups, looking over each other’s laptops and computers where word documents are open, and giving each other comments and critiques and suggestions. Words like imagery or nice effect or style might float out, if one strains their ears–

Alternatively, one might walk past the classroom on another Monday, and see this, instead:

Those same students seated facing the board, listening intently as a published writer stands at the front, and gives writing workshops, tips and advice–

Welcome to Writer’s Guild, where we do “all the write things”.

A small and humble CCA of twelve members, Writer’s Guild is a very young CCA that started based off an interest group, only becoming a legitimate CCA in 2014. Nevertheless, we are no less busy than other larger CCAs with the things that we do.

75% of Guild ’16-’17 is represented in this picture, as well as one of our dear seniors. Meanwhile, Kenneth was just along for the ride.

With weekly sessions on Monday (4.30 – 6pm), our members meet up to discuss recent pieces written, giving each other peer critique on things such as style, form, language… the list goes on and on.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to writing, in Guild. The only limit to our pieces is our imagination – with each of us playing endlessly with concepts, language, genre, and mood, there is never a sense of boredom when it comes to reading each other’s works.

At the end of it all, our pieces are showcased in our very own Guild website, where new pieces are uploaded on a regular basis.

Writer’s Guild very own website,; Do check it out!

The easy vibe of the CCA during sessions is what makes it truly enjoyable – but that ease does not mean any less dedication when it comes to writing.

Aside from peer critiques, Guild also invites published writers to come down during CCA time, to give workshops and talks on writing. In this year, Singaporean writers like Jolene Tan and Jason Wee have come down to give talks to the CCA on different aspects of writing: some personal, like what it means to be a published writer, and some technical, like how to edit and critique pieces in rhythm and tension. So, CCA members can develop and build up their own writing, with advice coming from both within the CCA as well as outside of it.

But what does Writer’s Guild do outside of CCA time? Many things, in fact. One of Guild’s most busy periods is during the school’s Literature Week, where Guild is in charge of putting up several displays. This year, with the theme of “War”, Guild members were hard at work putting up displays of war poetry, as well as compiling an Epic Poem (with lines contributed from the school cohort!) as well as doing typewriter poetry.

Guild members doing typewriter poetry, after one CCA session

Furthermore, Guild has volunteered with Singapore Writer’s Festival this year, as part of our CCA’s VIA – it was an enjoyable experience for each of us.

Currently, Guild members are hard at work in compiling our annual anthology, which is a project undertaken by each batch to showcase their pieces and hard work in the course of their time in the CCA. With furious editing, planning and designing going on, members are kept busy continually revising, and revisiting, their anthology pieces, as well as finalising anthology launch details.

Copy of enter2. copy
The previous year’s anthology

Through it all, Writer’s Guild remains a small, dedicated yet easygoing CCA whose members bond through a similar love for writing. If you have a passion for writing, do consider joining the Guild family – Writer’s Guild welcomes you.

Triumph, after completing War Boards for Lit Week!


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  1. Very proud of you guys! Keep growing the CCA and improving as writers! I’ll try to drop by for session if As results are released on a Monday

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