CCA Previews ’17: Raffles Society of Biological Sciences

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By Caleb Ho (17S03N), Chairman

Are you an aspiring microbiologist, doctor or botanist? Are you captivated by the wonder and beauty of the natural world? Or perhaps are you simply interested in why your dog seems to have a personal feud with the mailman?

BioSoc outing to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

If any of the above perfectly describes you, then BioSoc may just be the CCA for you! Be it ecology, ethology, or even the ever-so-popular medicine, Raffles Society of Biology Sciences (RSBS or more commonly and affectionately known as BioSoc) caters to all interests in the field of Biology.

So, you may wonder, what does BioSoc have to offer for the budding biologist?

As with most other CCAs, our club will be having a CCA camp at the start of the year to welcome new members to the BioSoc Family. The camp not only allows bonding between members, but also offers the opportunity to participate in various interesting activities, such as nature hikes, visiting biological museums or even Mangrove planting! There will also be sharing sessions with alumni, a great chance to learn more about life in medical school or other Bio-related university courses!

In school insect catching session.

Also, since our weekly sessions are conducted by our very own members, the topics covered are highly adapted to match the interests of the current batch. The emphasis for the sessions is for members of the CCA to share their knowledge and interest regarding Biology, so the topic of the day could range from informative theory sessions to various interactive “gameshows” and quizzes, all of which are initiated by our very own BioSoc members!

Apart from covering theoretical concepts, we also have frequent hands-on sessions, such as frog dissections, exotic fruit tasting with miracle berries and even insect catching around the school!

Frog dissection during hands on practical session!

There will also be regular field trips to museums such as the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, as well as to nature reserves like the nearby Macritchie Reservoir, or even the mesmerising Chek Jawa Wetlands in Pulau Ubin itself! Not only do you gain a better understanding and appreciation of the flora and fauna in Singapore, but you also get a great opportunity to relax and bond with your friends after a long day packed with lectures and tutorials.

Explore the wonders of nature with us!
Your friendly seniors enjoying a fun time in the Orchid Garden!

As part of the Club’s outreach efforts, BioSoc participates in school events like the Luminescence Science Week, conducting live dissections at our exhibition booth. In the past years, BioSoc has also collaborated with the other science clubs to organise “Eureka”  – a science competition which sees secondary school students from all over Singapore taking part. As part of community service, BioSoc also collaborates with other clubs such as Interact to organise events for members to give back to society by applying their biological knowledge.

Many of our club members also participate in the annual International Biomedical Quiz, where participants can learn more about Biology through intensive training sessions by medical student alumni.

Our BioSoc Family!

Unlike most other CCAs, we meet up on Thursdays, from 4.30 to 6.30 pm. This means that you will still be free to pursue any other interests that you may have at other times during each week. Potential members do not even have to be Biology students, much less be involved in the Biology Raffles Academy or the Biology Olympiad to join. (so Physics/Humans students, you are welcome to join!)

So if you have a strong interest in the life sciences, BioSoc may be just the perfect CCA for you! We wish we were adenine because we would love to be paired with u!

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