CCA Previews ’17: Raffles One Earth

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By Koay Tze Min (17S03I), Chairperson; BSN (17S06S), Secretary.

Save the environment.

It’s an old rhetoric. Everyone seems to be talking about it, and yet as you look around you, few people seem to be doing their part.

Here at Raffles One Earth, you will have the opportunities and resources to change that, one step at a time. You will have the chance to explore your various interests in the environment, or simply learn more about today’s pressing environmental issues. You can make new friends who may be from different backgrounds, but you will all be bonded by your common passion for the environment. Mostly importantly, you can serve an aspect of your community that is often overlooked by many of your peers.

One Earth Batch 2017

Part of our club sessions involve planning for environment-related projects – big and small – for both our school community and the public. They include implementing recycling points around the school to encourage our schoolmates to recycle, and starting Student-Initiated Projects (SIPs). Being a student-driven CCA, SIPs are about organising your very own project to reach out to the community about the environment, but they can take on many forms and arise from many different opportunities.

For instance, this year, we collaborated with an RGS CmPS group, “Environmental Protection: It’s Crucial!”. With the goal of raising awareness of the situation of plastic waste in Singapore, we held a public roadshow at City Square Mall. We set up booths and spoke to members of the public, explaining the various impacts of plastic waste and suggesting simple ways to reduce their plastic waste.


Plastic Roadshow at City Square Mall

Other club sessions include activities that let members share about topics they’re interested in, in the form of presentations and games. There are also field trips, where we can appreciate the plentiful flora and fauna in our country, or learn more about local environmental measures.

We are also involved in annual school activities, in particular the Inter-House Competition (IHC) Remix. This year, One Earth’s IHC Remix comprised a quiz, as well as a recycling competition. Houses battled to win points and the canteen overflowed with plastic bottles, bins, and newspapers!

And that’s not all. Members are presented with opportunities to participate in ad-hoc service events organised by nature groups in Singapore. This year, several of our members got down and dirty in IsLand-A-Hand, which was organised by Outward Bound Singapore, to do coastal cleanup at Pulau Ubin.


Coastal Cleanup at IsLand-A-Hand with OBS

The selection process is a just a short interview. Nothing very scary or demanding, and there are no prerequisites to joining. As long as you’re interested in broadening your knowledge and serving the environment, don’t be afraid to sign up! We look forward to seeing you there!

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