CCA Previews ’17: Photography Society

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By Nicole Lai (17S07D), Chairperson

Raffles Photography Society is a tight-knit small community of people who share the common passion and interest in photography. We regularly go on outdoor shoots to practice and improve on our skills.


In addition, our photography instructor also guides us with weekly sessions, in both indoor and outdoor settings. RPS members will also have the opportunity to cover school events, and play an important background role in the documenting of the different events and competitions of other CCAs.

Moreover, there are many bonding initiatives with camps and laidback sessions to just chill out and talk. So if you’re interested in photography, even if it’s just on your phone- RPS could be the CCA for you to expand your skills and take them to the next level with the many workshop and competition opportunities.


Besides this, we also hold annual exhibitions like Art Season to showcase the photographic works of our members to the rest of the school and the public that include collaborations with other CCAs like Raffles Jazz or Raffles Runway. In RPS, teachers and fellow members alike are always friendly and helpful and there’s nothing short of good times and laughter during CCA sessions.


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