CCA Previews ’17: Netball

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By Angelina Lim (17A01D), Captain; Jane Yu (17S06A), Vice-Captain
The team before every game.


Noisy. Excited. Tenacious. Blessed. Accepting. Laughing. Loving.

This is who we are and what one can expect from the Raffles Netball family. To us, Netball is never just a CCA out of the many, but rather, it is our refuge, our comfort, and our passion. Netball has evolved to become more than just a game we train to win, but is the glue that binds us all together, bringing us closer through all the constant sweat, groans and aches, pushing one another to become better versions of ourselves.

The Raffles Netball Family does not just consist of the players themselves, but also includes our ever-faithful and devoted teachers-in-charge, coaches and seniors. They are the ones who believe in us even when no one else does, and always make sure that we are both physically and mentally healthy. From arranging transport to game venues, to getting us yummy after-game snacks and always caring for us, they act as loving parents looking after a bunch of loud, playful, but very grateful kids. Without them, our family would be incomplete.

Other than trainings, trainings and more trainings, we also travel overseas to gain new experiences and learn a thing or two from international players as well! We get to experience playing in totally different climates and are also given opportunities to train in places that we can never find in Singapore. The memories of painstakingly climbing up sand dunes and walking into an arena with more than 30 netball courts are truly experiences that we will never forget!

The team trying to conquer a sand dune in Sydney.

As we approach the netball season, trainings do become more intense but that doesn’t affect the amount of joy and laughter we experience during trainings. We have ice baths after every match and that’s when a whole new side of us is set free into the world – Wannabe Singers! We may look fierce on court, but when we’re off court, we’re basically wild monkeys on the loose.

We luv our bananaz.
We love netball. But it’s hard to love it all the time, especially when there’s family, promos and friends to juggle as well. The tons of training sessions, friendlies and SnCs may seem just too much to take – but when we get to watch the sun set during training and lie down under the stars (with bread and grapes and crackers and chocolate milk) with our teammates, everything we’re going through becomes completely worthwhile, and we’d look forward to spending hours and hours more with one another. We have a great desire to do our best and leave the court with no regrets – whether it’s regretting not jumping for that last ball, running faster for that pass or cheering the team on even louder, all of these motivate us to keep pushing ourselves to ensure that we give the team everything we have.
We made it to the top of the sand dune!

When the netball season ends, most of us experience severe withdrawal symptoms as an enormous part of our lives is simply gone. Because of this, suddenly finding a teammate in the crowded school or hearing a familiar laugh is sure to bring very excited noises and happy feelings. As exams draw near, we’d try to find time to study together and catch up over a quick lunch. Studying and exams become less daunting as you really aren’t alone in it.

Being a netballer does not promise all ups and no downs. It is inevitable that we’ll have failures and fear not being good enough. There were and are going to be times when we look around and feel as though we can no longer push ourselves to be any better. There’ll also definitely be people who will constantly try to bring you down, making you believe that you just don’t make the cut. But what sets Raffles Netball apart is the genuine care and love that we have for one another. You can always be certain that someone is there, ready to catch you even before you fall. We are always, always there for one another, and know just the right words to say to brighten our days! We’ll see you through anything and absolutely everything that comes your way, and that’s the most wonderful and comforting thing about being in the family. So join us for our exciting 2017 season, and we’ll create precious memories together that you’ll hold close to your heart forever.

Raffles Netball 2016.

Raffles Netball 2016.

We’ll blow you away!
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