A day in the life of: A Floorballer

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Floorball EXCO’16

Raffles Floorball 2015.

Founded in 2006, Raffles Floorball is a relatively young CCA. Coached by Ms Jill Quek, Raffles Floorball has grown to become one of the most well-known local floorball teams.

Floorball trainings are conducted thrice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Indoor Sports Hall. Training usually starts with warm-ups, followed by court time with drills. Training then wraps up with matches. Physical training and conditioning are conducted weekly for the benefit of our players’ fitness.

Floorball trainings are never quiet. Here in Raffles Floorball, team-building is encouraged through cheering for one another, team talks and motivational talks by our coach.

Floorball will provide a variety of avenues for you to put your skills to the test. We conduct friendlies with other school teams, and take part in games such as NUS Tenses – no opportunities beneficial for the growth of our team are lost. Floorball season (National Inter-school Championships) usually takes place from March to May, and it is a very intensive period for both the guys’ and the girls’ team.

Floorball girls at NUS tenses

Although Floorball is a gender-based sport, team bonding between both teams is still essential. We conduct many different activities such as batch camps, dinners and outings to bond the team and foster team spirit. Members are also encouraged to gather their friends and play in the Amphitheatre outside of training sessions. It is definitely a good way for you to de-stress and have some team fun amidst piles of schoolwork. With a bonded team, trainings truly become all the more enjoyable.

Floorball Y5 2015 Day Camp

Interested in joining Floorball, but you’re not sure if you’re up for it? Well, Floorball is a sport for all – we even have members without prior sports experience. We encourage you to pick up this new sport to grow physically, mentally and emotionally while building long-lasting friendships. So come aboard and join us next year! We hope to share the joy we have with you :)

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