One Small Step for Manna, One Giant Leap for Raffles Institution

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By Khairillah Irwan (16A01B) and Karen Cuison (16A01D)
Photos by Khairillah Irwan (16A01B)

The café in the process of its renovation.

Ever wondered about that abandoned cafe spot you see when alighting at the pick-up point? Ask your seniors about it and they might mention, not without a tinge of sadness, the mysterious closing of the Manna Cafe early this year. This sense of loss is best captured by Valerie Chee (15S07B): “Manna Cafe was a great alternative to standard canteen fare! Many of us miss the variety of affordable food it provided, as well as its homely atmosphere.”

Loyal fans of Manna Cafe however may have noticed that, very recently, there have been renovations going on at the Manna Cafe. With much excitement and anticipation, Raffles Press is delighted to report that the Manna Cafe will reopen on the 25th of May, next Monday!

Following an interview with Mr Kelvin Wong of the Estate Department, Raffles Press has managed to glean some information about the new Manna Cafe.

Aside from an entirely new look, the cafe will also be employing a new chef, and hence, a new and wider selection of food choices all at affordable prices. Instead of offering set meals like before, the new Manna Cafe will be categorising food into main and side dishes, much like the system employed by Aston’s. And for our Muslim friends, fret not because Manna Cafe is in the midst of obtaining a halal certification too!

The re-opening of Manna brings with it a reinvigoration of Rafflesians’ former love for the Café. Neville Ng (16A01D) enthuses, “I really loved going there to eat and chat with my friends, so it’s great that I can bring my new friends here.”

Indeed, the re-opening of Manna brings it with plenty of opportunity to further enrich your culinary and social experience at Raffles Institution. Looking for an air-conditioned and lively environment for your weekly Orientation Group meeting? Looking to isolate yourself somewhere with nothing but food and your notes for the General Paper Common Test next Wednesday? Then try out a trip to Manna Cafe!

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