Cat Cafe in RI?

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We refer to our article dated 1/4/2015 titled “Cat Cafe To Open in Raffles Institution”. Observant readers would have noticed that the article was published on the 1st of April, known to most as April Fool’s Day, and contained certain questionable claims such as a tuna wrap being the main dish in a cat café. However, it appears that some members of the public have taken this to heart.

We are delighted that our attempt to provide entertainment to our readers has been so terribly effective.

Happy Wednesday.

Our best wishes,
Press Editorial Team (PET)

QOTD: “Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.”- Michel de Montaigne

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One thought on “Cat Cafe in RI?”

  1. Dear Raffles Press Team,

    Thank you for this April Fool Joke.

    I had piggybacked on this article, by circulating it to some RI parents, claiming that the cafe is offering $50 vouchers for its opening promotion, subjected to the first 200 people who will register online. Registration can be done via the link found at the bottom of your article.

    It was pleasantly fun to have some parents rushing to search for the “link”… Joke within a joke.

    Thank you, team, for generating the fun time around !

    With best regards, Mrs Lim

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