CCA Preview ’15: Ultimate Frisbee

You are here to make the ultimate decision of choosing your CCA, and we will convince you that, ultimately, what you are looking for is Ultimate.

Hard-earned victory. (Photo credits to Matthew Kwan)
Hard-earned victory (Photo credits to Matthew Kwan)

If you hear the sounds of discs dropping or hear victorious shouts of glee coming from the amphitheatre, well that’s just us – Raffles Ultimate. We spend plenty of our time there throwing, scrimmaging and doing what we love best.

The Ultimate team
The Ultimate team

Where is the appeal in a sport so hardcore, so dirty, and still relatively new? Why do we eagerly ask for extra trainings, push ourselves to breaking point, and instinctively dive to save a disc? you ask. The answer is simple: Passion – all of us here in Ultimate have an intense passion for this sport we play. Whether under the mercilessly hot sun, or drenched in sweat, rain or mud, we love Ultimate, and we play it because of the sheer joy it brings us.

Damn, what a dashing layout. (Photo credits to Eric Lim)
Damn, what a dashing layout. (Photo credits to Eric Lim)

Raffles Ultimate prides itself on the team spirit found very strongly in every member. We all have immense pride and love for the team and the game, giving our hundred percent every training in order to become the best. As one of our J2s, Ryan Yap, always says, “Teamwork makes the dream work” – every member of Ultimate plays a vital role in our journey towards success, and our (now not-so) secret weapon is our team chemistry. A testament to the Raffles Ultimate family is how our team extends beyond merely 2 batches – in addition to our more than capable coach, Benjamin Ho, we are proud to have alumni (some of whom have graduated 8 or 9 years back!) who regularly come back to coach, cheer, or just chill with us. It is this love for Ultimate that acts as a connecting thread, knitting us all together as one playful and passionate family.

Here is the T E A M in ultiMATE. (Photo credits to Eric Lim)
Here is the T E A M in ultiMATE. (Photo credits to Eric Lim)

On top of promises of fun and joy, we aim to excel and advance. There is no room for half-heartedness here. Our goal is to continue our reign as indisputable champions at the yearly inter-JC competitions. In Raffles Ultimate, every training is an opportunity to better ourselves as players, as teammates, and as people. So if you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself beyond the physical, into the mental and the emotional, then you should give Ultimate a shot.

And finally, we present you The Ultimatum: Go hard, or go home. See you at trials!

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