CCA Previews ‘23: Film Society

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By Karina Soetama (Chairperson)

We hope you enjoyed our video preview! If there’s anything to take away from it, it’s that film is remarkable. In fact, it’s remarkable that any films are ever made at all. Every moving part needs to work seamlessly together in order to tell a cohesive story. With this knowledge, it is no wonder that the art of filmmaking is often compared to magic. And with Film Society, you’ll get the opportunity to learn that magic, too.

Our sessions take place on Wednesdays from 8-11am in the MEP room, but there are plenty of opportunities to get off your seats and create mini-projects for hands-on practice. Few of our members step into the society knowing how to work a key light, and many bring merely the sheer will and passion to create. Fortunately, our sessions are also often mentored by working industry professionals who specialize in fields such as directing, documentary-making, and lighting techniques.

Beaumont Loy teaches a session about lighting and cinematography.

All this culminates in our Year 6 Thesis Films, where Film Soc-cers write, direct, and edit our own films (not to mention cast actors, find locations, and all the other fun stuff that comes with independent filmmaking). The blood, sweat, and tears shed are not for nought, as our annual film showcase  gives an opportunity to showcase our hard work to the larger school population—because all artists need the occasional spotlight, don’t we?

Film Society Batch of ‘22 at the end of the showcase!

We hear of auteurs like Hitchcock and Tarantino but here’s a secret—they would be nothing without the people whose names scroll past after the theatre has been emptied. And between these people, an unmistakable bond forms. Regardless of whether you plan to pursue filmmaking in the future, spending these two years in Film Society with us will induct you into a community of friends, whose bonds have thickened through collaboration and creation.

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