CCA Preview ’15: Volleyball

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This coming year, when you enter RI as a Year 5 student, you’ll be acquainted with the infamous General Paper (GP), a subject that requires you to give your stance on a topic, presented in a logical and sound essay. We here at Raffles Volleyball are happy to present you with a model GP essay that can serve as a reference when revising for your CTs next year!

Let’s use this sample essay question:

“You should not join Raffles Volleyball.” Discuss.

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. It is a beautiful sport whose history dates back to the 1800s. I disagree with the statement “You should not join Raffles Volleyball”.


Some may say that one should not join Raffles Volleyball because they are not winners. Without doubt, Raffles Volleyball is a development CCA in RI that welcomes all interested students from any CCA backgrounds to join. No volleyball experience is required but of course, there are CCA trials. However, it is also because of this fact that compared to other junior colleges, they may have a huge disadvantage in terms of skills and experience at the National Volleyball Championships. Hence, seeing through the lens of competition and prestige, many will quickly argue that Rafflesians in Volleyball are not winners.

However, if you were to just take a small step back and look at the bigger picture and ask, ‘Is a medal my main consideration when choosing a CCA?’, then perhaps you will realize that what is most important is the experience you get. Since Raffles Volleyball offers a fantastically enriching experience, you should join Raffles Volleyball.


First, you should join volleyball because it is not just a CCA but an inclusive family. In JC, amongst all the work and stress, it is important for your emotional well-being to find a family like volleyball. There are both the girls and boys teams, but they are not known as separate entities. They form a huge volleyball family. Some of the bonding activities they have as a CCA are the annual batch-bonding camps, batch outings to the beach or just ‘lepak-ing’ before and after trainings.  We are winners in taking care of every member in the team, and we dig, set, spike as one complete family.

Second, you should join volleyball because it is about more than just playing volleyball. In volleyball, opportunities are presented to members to engage in activities that develops them in many dimensions.  The very definition of a Rafflesian is one who uses all the skills at his disposal to lead the way and forge a path for everyone else, hence the doctrine: Thinkers, Leaders, Pioneers. Every year, each batch of volleyball members are involved in the planning of the annual CCA camp, Old Rafflesians League and Interhouse Sports Challenge for volleyball.


Third, you should join volleyball because Raffles Volleyball players strive to achieve the pinnacle of excellence, exhibit hard work and determination (and it is healthy to be surrounded by such people). They have trainings on Tuesdays and Fridays (5pm-8pm) and when their sports season arrives, Saturdays . They treasure every second of their training and put in their every best to do their school proud every year.


Last, you should join volleyball simply because it is fun. In fact, it is so fun that they organise self-trainings and extra trainings with their coaches during the holidays because they just cannot seem to get enough of it! As schoolwork becomes stressful, trainings are not a chore but a great place to de-stress and enjoy the company of your teammates

Therefore, the statement ‘You should not join Raffles Volleyball’ is obviously not true as it is evident from the argument above that Raffles Volleyball is one of the best CCAs to join. Just ask any past/ current members from Raffles Volleyball!

As you can see, with the appropriate skills, answering the aforementioned question can be a simple matter. Next, perhaps you can attempt this question:

“A good team can win a volleyball game when they are ahead, a great team can win when they are behind.” Will you be a part of this great team?

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