CCA Preview ’15: Math Club

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Let’s talk about Math.

Math Club 2014
Math Club 2014

Do not be fooled by any homogeneity in this image. We may seem like an extremely serious club (which, granted, we are at times). But behind this over-solemn veneer lies some of the most genuine and fun-loving people around who also happen to be very passionate about all things Mathematical. And we are looking for new members to join us in the numerical revelry: potential new members such as you.

We are accepting students from all backgrounds, whether you possess an interest in math or not. As long as you’re looking to have a good time, we welcome you, and if you’re not looking to have a good time, well, then Math Club can probably work something out for you. Maybe you’d like to try something fun, like build a potato cannon, but Automatica refuses to deal with impure robotics, well, Math Club is more than willing to help you realise this goal.

Here at Math Club, we believe everything is Math, and we promise our support for any of your endeavours.

At Math Club, we believe in helping you tick off your bucket list, that means no request is too big, and no idea is too dumb.

As you may suspect, Math Club has no prerequisites for entry besides having a pulse, but appeals can and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Training hours, by popular demand, are typically on Tuesdays or Thursdays, though the timing and date has varied year to year depending on the incoming batch (so don’t worry about commitments clashing! We are very flexible when it comes to stipulating training hours).

What has stayed constant (if you see what I did there) is that we only have sessions once a week. So again, do not fret about having too much on your plate! We will not detain you and keep you inordinately busy. This will be pertinent when it comes to exams and Project Work, when you will be immensely grateful for our relatively light and forgiving schedule.

There are no particular peak periods for Math Club, however, there are funtabulous events planned out over the course of the year. Of particular note is the RMCCC, the full name is a mouthful, so let’s just leave it at that.

It is a large scale camp with Math Club members from the Year 1-4 side and RGS, where everyone gets together and plays games for a couple of days. This may seem uncharacteristically frivolous but we promise you loads of intensive Math-related activities and training as well. Not only that, but the frivolities will not be only some of the best fun you’ve had in your life and will be something you’ll definitely cherish as you leave the hallowed halls of this institution.

For our welfare plans, we would like to point out that Math Club provides air-conditioning for all its sessions! We also have zero pre-requisites.

If you are interested in fully stretching yourself and pushing yourself to the limit, many of our Math Club members have also joined Bridge Club and done excellently there, so that’s one thing to consider if you’re planning on dual CCAs. The skills learned in one can be highly complementary to the other and both are excellent ways to increase the power of your intellect.

In all honesty, if you already have a CCA in mind, you may not consider us at all, you may not even read up to this. But if you’re still undecided or just plain want to try something new and unique, try Math Club. Sign up for our trials, you won’t be disappointed. Math has been a passion for some of the world’s most brilliant minds for millennia. If you want to, like Isaac Newton, stand on the shoulders of the mathematical giants, or simply delve in something that seems to have caught your ever-shifting gaze, consider us a first step.


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