A-Level Results 2014: Ground Sentiment

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By Ching Ann Hui (15S03A) and Michelle Choy (15S05A)
Photographs by The Raffles Photographic Society

The GCE A-Level results were released on Monday, 3rd March 2014. Even though many envisioned it to be a nerve-wracking day with life-changing repercussions, the atmosphere at the Multi-Purpose Hall was rather light-hearted, with all the J3s excited to see their schoolmates again. Deputy Principal Mr Magendiran was equally pleased to meet the batch of 2013 once again, and commented that “they are spirited, full of energy, and they live up to the traditions of all the previous batches. They have done us proud.”


Before the address began, the batch of 2013 sang the Institution Anthem for the very last time. It was also Mr. Chan Poh Meng’s first time delivering the Principal’s Address to the awaiting J3s, since joining the school in January. He jokingly promised to not dwell very long on the slides, so that they could receive their much awaited results as soon as possible.

Mr Chan addressed the school with the overall statistics of the batch of 2013, and featured some noteworthy students (more can be read here). It seemed as though it was barely after Mr Chan began his speech, when it was time for students to file into their respective venues to collect their results. And when the moment for students finally came, there were varied reactions – some bore glad smiles, others squealed out in joy, ineluctably, there were also tears, and somber silence.


To some, the results came as a pleasant surprise. Benjamin Wong (13S06D) said, “I didn’t really expect this. I expected worse!”, as he clutched his results slip – straight As! When asked about his future plans, he expressed interest in studying in Singapore Management University (SMU).

While speaking to some of the civics and subject tutors, they were pleased with how their form classes had performed. Mrs. Lim, civics tutor of 13S06K, commented that her form class “generally did well”, as did most of the other civics tutors. Mrs. Shirley Tan, deputy principal of Academic Studies in RGS who was there to provide moral support for her ex-students, was “very very proud of all the girls”. When asked about possible tips and suggestions for the current batch of Year Sixes, Mr Edward Ng advised, “as long as the students try their best, I’m sure that the results will come automatically.”


Parents were also very impressed with this year’s results, with many saying that the school performed very well. Mrs. Ang, a parent, expressed appreciation that the school has placed its focus on providing a holistic education for Rafflesians. She was also pleased that by featuring the all-rounders and focusing less on just those that did performed exceptionally academically, less emphasis was placed on results this year.

When asked about their stellar results, many commented that it was ultimately the support from friends and family that helped them over the finishing line. Adam Rafey (13S06K), the former BW house captain of 2013, expressed that it was from “a lot of love from my friends and family. Especially my mum and my dad.” Similarly, Lee Zi Xin said, “Definitely my parents, and friends. We’ll gather all the physics definitions, and really help each other out.”

As for students who were unable to achieve their desired results, Ms Avadhani, a GP tutor, commented that “it’s an opportunity to look at alternative careers and subjects. There isn’t only one way to achieve something or do something, so this is the time to get creative. If they are willing to push themselves, they should be alright.” She also noted that the people who did well are people who’ve been working very consistently, as compared to those who often liked to do last-minute work. For the Year Sixes reading this article, it’s probably time to start reading up on materials outside the syllabus for GP!

Other students also expressed great gratitude for their teachers, both school teachers and CCA teachers. Bryan Yong, captain of the cross country team, expressed thanks to his CCA teacher in-charge Mr. Tay, and his coach Mr. Steven, for really “helping him out through these two years”. Similarly, another student (who wishes to remain anonymous) commented, “my economics teacher Miss Amelia Heng is awesome! She stayed back with me until 6pm for consultations.”

To all those going to take their A-Levels this year, we found this advice by Ang Tiong Han (13S03A) particularly apt:

“Just study hard, and make sure that you don’t have regrets when you actually get your results – even if you don’t do well, you’ll know that you’ve at least put in your very best.”

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