Class of 2013: High Achievers

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By Gao Wenxin (14A03A) and Allison Choong (14S05B)
Additional reporting by Valerie Chee (15S07A) and Kang Yi Xi (15S03N)


Anticipation ran high as the 1,239 students from the Class of 2013 awaited the release of the 2013 ‘A’ Level Examinations results today. Overall, the cohort turned in excellent grades, with 97.6% of the cohort achieving 3 H2 passes with a pass in GP or KI. This is above the national average of 91.1%, and an improvement from last year’s 97%. Roughly 68% of the cohort also scored at least 3 H2 distinctions, and 170 students achieved distinctions in all subjects offered (including H3), compared to 129 from last year.

Today also marks the first time that Mr Chan Poh Meng delivered the ‘A’ Level results as Principal, and he congratulated the batch on their personal and community achievements. His presentation featured students who were talented in areas of sports, arts, leadership, community service, as well as all-rounder JAE students. One memorable aspect was the emphasis on some “noteworthy tough cookies”, or students who had juggled their school life alongside personal challenges or difficult circumstances.

Our reporters with Mr Chan
Our reporters with Mr Chan

Mr Chan also highlighted that 339 students (27%) have achieved a perfect University Admission Score, with the mean score in RI being 85 out of a total possible of 90. In an interview with Raffles Press, Mr Chan reiterated that such “quality grades will put [students] on a good stead” with local university applications, even in competitive faculties, and hopes today’s outcome will help the 2013 batch “achieve their personal aspirations”. He also urged students to broaden their horizons no matter their results, and be open to options beyond traditionally prestigious courses and universities.

Those who were former RGS girls were also surely encouraged by the presence of Mrs Shirley Tan and Ms Chin Jen Fu, who were in attendance today. When approached for comment, Mrs Tan told our reporters that she was very proud of the girls, and that the results were “a great affirmation of all that they have done in all the 6 years, and an affirmation for the RP” as it is “testimony that they are laid very strong foundations.”


Subjects-wise, Biology maintained a 80% distinction rate, as did Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and History at 70%. Economics has shown an encouraging improvement with a 70% distinction rate as well, and one Economics tutor enthused that the results “couldn’t be better” and that this year saw “highest distinction rate ever”. The percentage of those scoring distinctions in General Paper, Knowledge & Inquiry, English Literature, and Geography have dipped slightly from the previous year; however, it should be noted that the 2013 ‘A’ Levels featured a revised Literature syllabus as well as the removal of the “Vocabulary” section from the GP paper.

Mrs Lim Lai Cheng, surprisingly, also had some final words for the batch via a slide in Mr Chan’s presentation. She asks the students to “always believe in yourself, and through small acts, work towards changing the world.” On that note, we will like to congratulate the Class of 2013 on their achievements and we wish all J3s the very best for their future endeavours!

Class of 2012

9 Distinctions: 10 students (i.e. 0.81%)
At least 8 Distinctions: 88 students (i.e. 78 with 8 Distinctions, i.e. 6.29%)
At least 7 Distinctions: 282 students (i.e. 194 with 7 Distinctions, i.e. 15.65%)
At least 6 Distinctions: 543 students (i.e. 261 with 6 Distinctions, i.e. 21.05%)

There were 1,240 candidates.

Class of 2013


9 Distinctions: 4 students (i.e. 0.32%)
At least 8 Distinctions: 80 students (i.e. 76 with 8 Distinctions, i.e. 6.13%)
At least 7 Distinctions: 277 students (i.e. 197 with 7 Distinctions, i.e. 15.90%)
At least 6 Distinctions 533 students (i.e. 256 with 6 Distinctions, i.e. 20.16%)

There were 1,239 candidates.

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