CCA Preview ’14: Soccer (Boys)

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Bill Shankly once said, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s a lot more than that.” For many people, football is something that they gather together to kick about an air filled ball into a net, or settling down in their living room to catch a glimpse of Manchester United versus Liverpool on the television. To us, this sport is much more than that. Joining football and playing football, entails joining a family of equally passionate football fanatics who give their hearts out to emulate their footballing heroes, trading skills that may seem impossible to accomplish and demonstrate their innate ability with the ball on their feet.


Coming off second place in last years National Schools competition, this year, we will be trying our utmost best to reach the top and to topple the reigning champions off their throne.

Although ability in football is greatly appreciated in every squad, talent can only go so far as how hard they work for it. Here in football, selection is not only based by your natural ability with the ball, but how much you want to play and your passion in joining this sport. Here, we also have the best teachers in charge, with the ever-passionate Mr. Lee, our biology and economics maestros Mr. Ganison and Mr. Sunderaj, and coupled with our revered coach Mr. Philippe Aw, trainings will definitely be the activity that you look forward to every week!

Our trainings are held about thrice a week, with most days allocated to field training (Hooray to five-a-side matches!) and improving our skills on the ball. Of course on the rainy days or on the days that the lightning alert magically sounds, physical training, or PT, commences, which entails a rigorous workout of stairs training, core training and jogging around the campus. Then again, you better pray that it does not rain before training, lest you arrive home with a bag full of smelly, mud stained garments that your mom will most definitely be displeased at.

Have I mentioned that football is a family? Joining football means joining a team of brothers that share with each other interesting (sometimes crude) anecdotes that never fail to make us laugh, or simply having a meal at the nearby S-11 or the Sky Garden at J8. Walk past the tables near the Hodge Lodge, and you’ll hear the most raucous and noisiest bunch of people, mostly made up of the footballing team. The bonds that we have in this footballing team are strong, and although the time that we may spend together may be short over these two years, but it is the feeling of friendship and camaraderie that we have built up on the field playing football that will stay with us for the years to come.

Come join us! Be it that you’re a footballing god that may rival Cristiano Ronaldo, or that you’ve never touched a football (but always wanted to), football is the CCA that you would most definitely be welcomed into!


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