CCA Preview ’14: Archery

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Strength, Accuracy, Consistency. These are the 3 essentials of being an Archer.

Don’t be fooled by Katniss Everdeen or Legolas when you see them pull their bows without effort! While it is true that everyone can pick up Archery, not anyone can shoot well without hard work. In Raffles Archery, our dedicated “Koach Ken” will train and guide you along.


So, first we need to clear up some misconceptions. Pulling a bow is not as easy as you may think. Strength plays a major part of shooting well. That’s why we follow strict training sessions which include gym sessions conducted by a personal gym instructor (Mondays) and 2 shooting sessions (Wednesdays and Fridays), each lasting around 3 hours.

Next, Archery is a precision and mental sport. When you’ve attained strength and accuracy, the hardest part of all is maintaining it. Consistency in strength, posture, mental state of mind and numerous other factors come into play while shooting. Hence consistent practice at trainings is required if you want to do well! To do well competitively, another factor is experience so that you won’t break down in nerves. But not to worry, there are many competitions throughout the year for archers to take part. Raffles Archery mainly focuses on the National Inter-School Archery competition which takes place in May. But there are other opportunities like NUS Open (July), friendlies between schools and an overseas trip to Thailand for you to hone your skills.


We have a dedicated group of Archers who love what we do and strive for the best. As our Archers always say, “Go hard or go home”. Even though Archery is a very individual sport, we train hard and play hard together. During training, everyone helps each other out by pointing out mistakes and doing pushups together to get stronger. We’re also fortunate to have one of our teacher ICs who’s an archer as well and often provides tips and advice on how to shoot better.


There are also a few things to take note before you join. Firstly, our Archers are highly encouraged to purchase personal bows which can cost about $1000- $2000. But don’t worry, as there are financial avenues to tap on should you need them. Secondly, archery may not be considered for the National Colours Award in 2014 as it is currently not recognized by the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC). This is subject to change, but there will nonetheless be an inter-school competition hosted by Archery Association of Singapore (AAS) every year.

So what do you need to be a Raffles Archer? Simply determination and a hardworking spirit are sufficient! No prior skill or knowledge is needed. Interested students will undergo a trial consisting of pull-ups for boys and inclined pull-ups for girls, as well as a shooting component to shoot a few arrows. If you’ve got the interest and drive for this unique sport, you are meant to join us. And so, as Koach Ken always says, come forth and prosper in Raffles Archery!

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