BREAKING NEWS: Principal Mrs. Lim to Leave RI by the End of the Year?

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Based on independent reports from several credible sources, Raffles Press can confirm that our Principal Mrs. Lim Lai Cheng is likely to leave the school at the end of the year, after six years at the helm.

The news was apparently conveyed to some members of staff earlier in the week but has yet to be officially announced by the school. Rumours suggest that the identity of our new Principal will be announced by the end of the week, possibly on Friday.

If true, this would bring an end to Mrs. Lim’s time in charge of the school, which has seen numerous milestones in RI’s storied history. Most significant of which would be RI’s re-integration with RJC in 2009, bringing both institutions back together after their split in 1982. Students in the Raffles family of schools now enjoy a seamless six-year Raffles Programme, running through Year 1-6.

Other initiatives pushed out during Mrs. Lim’s tenure include the introduction of the Raffles Diploma, a certificate meant to reflect the holistic excellence achieved by Rafflesians throughout their schooling life in RI.

We at Raffles Press would like to thank Mrs. Lim not only for her unwavering support for the CCA, but also for her unstinting contributions to the school. Auspicium Melioris Aevi.

(Edit: Mrs Lim spent 5 years as principal of Raffles Institution, and another year as principal of Raffles Junior College in 2008.)

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Principal Mrs. Lim to Leave RI by the End of the Year?”

      1. Care to explain why she was a great principal. There is a distinction between a competent principal, good principal and a great principal. Want to share the reason why you adore her so much?

  1. Mrs Lim Lai Cheng is an excellent, approachable principal. As a parent, I am often amazed at how she is able to be present and available at all events, even supporting our boys in cca competitions. It would be a loss to see her leave RI. She has done RI proud and I hope and am sure most parents, teachers and srudents would do too -if there is any way to request MOE to reconsider and allow Mrs Lim to continue her stay at RI. All the best Mrs Lim.

    1. See the difference is you’re a parent and the image you get from the outside is a rosy one, she is great at maintaining the school’s image and making it appear like a fantastic environment to those non-students

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