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Finding Value in the Struggle – PW Reflections

By Benedict Koh (14S06N)

Coming out fresh from my OP, there was a really odd feeling coursing through my veins – a cocktail of very conflicting emotions. On one hand, there was a feeling of total joy and relief at finally being done with the main bulk of PW. On the other hand, however, was something that was holding me back from jumping around and screaming in absolute jubilation. It could be described as a sense of nostalgia and hollow emptiness – the sudden realization that I was never going to do this ever again.

The past 8 months have whizzed by incredibly quickly. In the blink of an eye, one year of my JC life has passed me by. That first day I received my grouping all those months back seems so close, and yet so very far away. Frankly speaking, back then, I only had one goal for PW – to score that “A” grade, by hook or by crook. I wanted nothing more, and certainly nothing less. But how did things change from then to now? Let me take you through the main events in chronological order.

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Knowledge is Power – Considering H2 KI (Please Mind the Platform Gap)

By Andre Hui (14A03A) and Darren Teoh (14S06R)

A rather important philosopher once said: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” The central task of Knowledge and Inquiry would be summed up in the process of proving (or disproving) that quote. Picking apart exactly how we know what we claim to know is what you’ll be doing if you choose to offer this subject.

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Talk the Walk: A Guide to PW OP

By Tracey Toh (14A01A), Park Han Min (14S07A) and G Santoshi (14S06C) of the Gavel Club
Cover Image by The Raffles Photographic Society


As the school term draws to a close, the atmosphere is all but celebratory as the entire batch frantically prepares for the dreaded Oral Presentation (OP). Seasoned speakers and unsure beginners alike immerse themselves in practice and painstakingly commit their scripts to memory. Beyond these necessary preparatory requirements, however, how can you ensure that the final segment of your Project Work (PW) journey is indeed you and your PW group’s crowning achievement? Here, we present to you some tips and insights on how you can ace the OP: Continue reading “Talk the Walk: A Guide to PW OP”

Be Sharp or Face Treble – Why Take H2 Music? (Please Mind the Platform Gap)


By Daniella Low (14A01B)

Cover Photo by Chelsea Ng from the Photographic Society

“If music be the food of love, play on!” Or so goes the quote from Twelfth Night. However, let us make it clear that taking H2 Music is not as easy as it may seem, and you will need to have a passion (strong interest would be a better word) for music in the first place. No worries if you did not offer Music in your secondary school days, because there should be a selection test for all interested students next year. Continue reading “Be Sharp or Face Treble – Why Take H2 Music? (Please Mind the Platform Gap)”