A Level Results 2017: Rafflesian Excellence

By Nicole Doyle (17A01A), Jeanne Tan (17A01B), Abdul Qayyum (17A01B), Serafina Siow (17A13A), Nerissa Loe (17A13A), Andrew Hidajat (17S03I), Ashley Tan (18A13A), Warren Liow (18A01B), Soh Ying Qi (18A01C)   

Cover Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Quek, Raffles Photographic Society

As the hours between the Class of 2016 and the release of their A Levels results slipped away, the buzz of anticipation permeating the school grew and drifted towards a single unifying point – the Multi-Purpose Hall. At last the moment came where the J3s, gathered in their classes, were briefed on the cohort’s performance during their A Levels.


Many students achieved at least 5 Distinctions in their results

And what a moment it was– the 2016 cohort has done remarkably well. Of the batch, a total of 1162 students (98%) received 3 H2 Passes and a pass in either General Paper or Knowledge & Inquiry. Additionally, 61% scored 3 H2 Distinctions and 53% received distinctions in at least 4 of their H2 subjects. Impressively, 325 students (27.4%) achieved a perfect University Admissions Score of 90, while the median UAS exceeded expectations at 87.8 points out of 90.


Strong performances were seen for various core subjects

With regards to the individual subjects, the cohort attained stellar results. Most notable was an 8 in 10 distinction rate for Literature, up from 7.5 in 10 from last year. Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics and Physics were subjects which all did excellently, with a 7 in 10 distinction rate across the board. The batch’s performance for Geography and History were also commendable, with 6 in 10 distinctions obtained for each subject. Continuing a streak of a majority distinction rate set by last year’s batch, the Class of 2016 pulled off a 52% distinction rate for General Paper.

Overall, Batch ’16 has certainly done the school proud with their hard work and numerous achievements!

Year-on-Year Comparison

Class of 2016

61% scored 3 H2 Distinctions: 723 Students

53% scored 4 H2 Distinctions: 629 Students

52% scored Distinctions in General Paper: 617 Students

325 students (27.4%) achieved a perfect University Admissions Score of 90

Median UAS: 87.8

Distinctions in all subjects offered, including H3: 166

80% Distinctions for Literature

70% Distinctions for Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics

60% Distinctions for History, Geography

9 Distinctions: 7 Students

At least 8 Distinctions: 71 Students

At least 7 Distinctions: 296 Students

At least 6 Distinctions: 490 Students

At least 5 Distinctions: 701 Students

Total candidature: 1,186

Class of 2015

66% scored 3 H2 Distinctions.

55% scored 4 H2 Distinctions in all four subjects.

56% scored Distinctions in General Paper

344 students (28%) achieved a perfect University Admissions Score of 90

205 achieved distinctions in all subjects offered

75% Distinctions for Chemistry, Economics, Biology, Mathematics and Literature in English

70% Distinctions for Geography, Physics

60% Distinctions for History

9 Distinctions: 4 Students

At least 8 Distinctions: 89 Students

At least 7 Distinctions: 284 Students

At least 6 Distinctions: 530 Students

At least 5 Distinctions: 739 Students

Total candidature: 1,229

Raffles Press would like to congratulate the seniors for their outstanding efforts in the recent A Level Examination.

One Response to “A Level Results 2017: Rafflesian Excellence”
  1. fba50631 says:

    Well done Rafflesians! However, do not be too complacent. Always improve. Keep it up!

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