Please Mind the Platform Gap: Subject Previews 2022

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By Raphael Niu (23A01A)

Choosing a subject combination is a stressful time for many, especially for those who are not sure of their aspirations or passionate about all the subjects they study. If you’re still torn between Biology and Physics or stuck in a dilemma over whether to take GP or KI, Raffles Press is here to help.

Here is a consolidated list of our Subject Previews, covering every subject currently offered in RI. Most Previews discuss the subject at H2 level, even though an H1 version of the subject may be available as well.

Mathematics and the Sciences

H2 Biology (2022)

H2 Chemistry (2022)

H2 Physics (2022)

H1/H2 Mathematics (2022)

H2 Further Mathematics (2022)

H2 Computing (2022)

Humanities and the Arts

H2 Economics (2022)

H2 Geography (2022)

H2 History* (2022)

H2 Literature in English (2022)

H2 English Language and Linguistics (2017)

H2 Chinese Language and Literature (2017)

H2 Malay Language and Literature (2017)

H2 Tamil Language and Literature (2017)

H2 Art (2017)

H2 Music (2017)

*Not offered at the H1 level in RI.

Foreign Languages

H2 Japanese (2022)

H2 French (2022)

H2 Spanish (2020)

H2 German (2017)

Knowledge Skills

H2 Knowledge and Inquiry (2022)

H1 General Paper (2018)

H1 Project Work (2018)

General Resources

RI A-Level Curriculum Requirements (2022)

Choosing Subject Combinations: The Science Combinations* (2014)

Choosing Subject Combinations: The Arts Combinations* (2014)

Choosing Subject Combinations: The Hybrid Combinations (2020)

Choosing Subject Combinations: Contrasting Arts Subjects* (2016)

Choosing Subject Combinations: Taking a Third Language* (2016)

Changing Your Subject Combination (2020)

Why I Joined the Raffles Academy* (2014)

Why I Rejected the Raffles Academy* (2014)

The Humanities Programme* (2014)

*Many of the older articles were written based on outdated syllabi, but some core points of discussion may still be relevant today.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and Raffles Press is not a conclusive resource. Before deciding what subjects to take in JC, you may also wish to find out the subject prerequisites of university courses you may be interested in, and consult your seniors or a career-guidance counsellor for more advice tailored to your interests and needs. 

Ultimately, subject combinations constitute but a small part of your JC experience. Regardless of whether you take the well-trodden path or the road less taken, I am sure JC will still be a memorable, enriching and fulfilling experience for you.

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