CCA Previews 2017

CCA Previews ’17: MLDCS

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Abdul Qayyum (17A01B), Programme Coordinator

MLDCS is a close-knit kampong, radiating good old vibes of communal camaraderie and cultural identity. We provide a safe haven, each member a kind-hearted friend that all can depend on in the relentlessly unforgiving storm of JC life. We have fun, work hard, and most importantly, we lepak. Together. We are MLDCS, or if you despise acronyms, the Malay Literary Drama Cultural Society.

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CCA Previews ’17: Interact Club

Reading Time: 4 minutes

by Alden Tan (17S06L), President, and Joan Koh (17S03G), Vice-President

Service is the very essence of Interact. We are a unique CCA – our 160-strong family is made up of passionate, committed and sincere youths who are willing to give our time and effort to make a difference in our community and to touch the lives of others. Service is a way of life, and Interact cultivates that way of life in each and every one of us.

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CCA Previews ’17: Students’ Council

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By See Chung Yi (17S06F) President of 36SC

At the heart of the Students’ Council are students, individuals like you and me who attend lessons, classes, and CCA sessions. Every individual contributes to Raffles and to his/her peers in their own unique ways, whether through music, sports or academics, and Councillors are like-minded individuals who play a part in creating a warm and spirited schooling environment, through match supports, House events, or simple acts like lending a helping hand or a listening ear. If you are passionate about helping your fellow Rafflesians, whether by creating avenues for all to contribute to the school, or by kindling school spirit, then Council is the CCA for you.

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