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A day in the life of: A Club Automatica Member

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Yong Duan Kai (16S06P)

Club Automatica at our annual fun-filled Induction Camp.

Much like how “artists” in times of old did not just paint, but were multi-disciplined and jacks of all trades, (sculptor, mathematician, inventor, philosopher and occasionally politician), being an Automatica club member will train you in various disciplines and skills. In a day, one may operate power tools for crafting of a field, do painting for an upcoming presentation, teach programming to a fellow club member, build a robot and be a part-time cleaner – all whilst contemplating the meaning of life and existence.


CCA session
A “standard’ automatica day

Most “standard” days involve going to a classroom, and learning new robot techniques and skills from seniors and/or peers , such as how to programme graduate level line-tracking (Google “PID” line-tracking if interested), build spanking new attachments, or even just try and make an earlier build better. Following which, members will split into random teams, and be given a task that requires them to utilise the new knowledge that they have learnt to complete a mission. After that there are sharing sessions where the most successful groups can share their secrets and help the club grow as a whole.

But those are the “standard” days, which do not last for very long. Right away there will be 2 competitions that one has to look out for – the Robocup competition at the start of the year (which we, your seniors, will do our best to prepare you for), and the semi-optional “NJRC”, or National Junior Robotics Competition. Both will challenge you, and both will be tiring. Long days (and nights, if you’re a workaholic) are guaranteed, as you work hard to both conceptualise and realise a solution to the mission you have been given. Before long, heading to the automatic clubroom after school becomes norm, and oftentimes one stays in school as late as 10. (Or more. But completely optional. We promise.)

result for competition
Club Automatica wining NJRC 2015.

The result? Oftentimes very rewarding. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing something that you conceptualised in you head actually exist and actually WORK. If you enjoy tinkering with programming logic, whilst being able to play with Lego (this seems to be the most appealing part for some reason), then Automatica might be the CCA for you. We welcome you with open minds.

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A day in the life of: A Wizard

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Jiahai (16S06E)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Ever wondered what lies under the hood of the computers, smartphones and tablets? Have you ever been intrigued by what mysterious processes drive these modern magicks? Or are you driven by a passion to create something that you can call your own? Or perhaps there’s a rebellious streak in you, rejecting whatever ready-made cookie-cutter applications Big Tech offers you, instead seeking to write your own alternative? Or are you just a geek at heart, hungry for knowledge about computers and algorithms? Whatever floats your boat, we are Computer Science Society (CSC) and we welcome you.

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A day in the life of: An Astronomer

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Li Jiaqi (16S03I), Ariel Lesmana (16S03R), Goh Shu Lin, Doreen (16S03I), Nur Amalia bte Kamal (16S06B), Teo Jia En (16S06K) and Shen Yu Jun (16S06E)

The clock strikes midnight and the Astronomer leaves his bedroom. One shoe falls, but he doesn’t turn back to retrieve it. The night is silent and everyone is asleep. He walks down the dim hallway, moonlight streaming through the windows, guiding him to his musty chamber in the Underground. A pristine, polished container stands in one corner: the drybox. He carefully selects a suitable instrument for tonight’s use. Perhaps the 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain will help him visualise the Orion nebula best. The Astronomer brings it out and sets it up in the open space. It is just him, caffeine, and the stars tonight. Cinderella might end her day at midnight, but for the Astronomer, his day has just begun.

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A day in the life of: A Biologist

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

by Elson Neo (16S03I), Vice Chairperson

We’ll be the first to admit that dedicating after-school hours to biology scarcely seems like an exciting prospect. Having spent the morning in a lecture theatre feverishly copying notes and returning home to a devilishly thick genetics tutorial is certainly enough to turn off most the subject. Understandably, many of us may thus see biology as a tedious, soulless pursuit. However, biology is not, as circumstances would have us believe, the mere dry memorization and regurgitation of facts. From the delectable taste of a meal to the burning sensations during exercise, biology underlies many aspects of daily life. Biology is a magic box of wonders too, seen from the multitude of life forms among us. We at the Raffles Society of Biological Sciences (just call us BioSoc) aim to explore the more fun, relatable and fascinating aspects of biology.

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A day in the life of: An Alchemist

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Eddrick Tan Qi Zhong, Cheryl Chor, Jerome Lee, Matthew Wong and Ryan Phua

Club Alchemy 2015.

Alchemists hail from the times of antiquity, their work clearing the path for empiricism to take centre stage. Club Alchemy celebrates this tenacity and sense of inquiry and curiosity, transforming our members into passionate students of Chemistry through theory and practical sessions, conducted in an environment conducive for self discovery, experimentalism and peer learning.

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