A day in the life of: A Wizard

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This article is part of the CCA Previews for 2016.

By Jiahai (16S06E)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Ever wondered what lies under the hood of the computers, smartphones and tablets? Have you ever been intrigued by what mysterious processes drive these modern magicks? Or are you driven by a passion to create something that you can call your own? Or perhaps there’s a rebellious streak in you, rejecting whatever ready-made cookie-cutter applications Big Tech offers you, instead seeking to write your own alternative? Or are you just a geek at heart, hungry for knowledge about computers and algorithms? Whatever floats your boat, we are Computer Science Society (CSC) and we welcome you.

Comsci has changed my life. Before I joined comsci, my math was bad. I could barely count. Comsci has trained my cognitive skills, allowing me to excel in life. I rate 10/10” – Terence Tan, CSC member

Our weekly sessions offer a casual environment for members to learn together with their peers. The exact training program is often flexible, dependent on members’ respective schedules. But expect sessions to be intellectually challenging and empowering. Whether the training is on web development, Android programming, or competitive programming (algorithms!), we guarantee that our sessions will leave you a little more wizened, a little wiser, and very much a better, more powerful computer user.


Fun programming is fun.” – Jayne Woon, CSC member

Computer programming to many is a bittersweet experience. Members can attest to the lengths of time spent staring at code, trying to find the elusive bug in their programs, or the frustration at the many idiosyncrasies of computer languages. Eventually, after the gruelling hours put in, to come up with a finished program, something that runs autonomously, can be very gratifying. For those who are looking to stretch themselves, there are opportunities in CSC to showcase your talents. Our members have participated in hackathons and olympiads, and have achieved commendable results.

Hackatron Asia 2014.

We learn computer science in a non stressful environment and are able to ask our peers for help whenever we need it.” – Anonymous, CSC member

Ultimately, what makes a club a club is the people in it. Despite having members from various backgrounds, there is a collaborative culture in CSC where members help each other to understand the lesson or to debug their programs. It’s a common sight to see members sharing excitedly their work based on the lessons.

If you find yourself drawn to the club, be it the culture, the program or the programming, do join us! You can also find out more about our club at http://comsci.club.

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