Destemido: Sporting Moments (Part 2)

By Joyce Er (15A01A)
Photos courtesy of Amanda Chang (15A03A), Gary Huang (15S03B), Abdul Musawwir (15S03Q), Gabrielle Jeyaseelan (15SO6A), Vivian Ngiam (15S06O), Nigel Gomes (15S06R)

IHC Sports 2014 drew to a close on Thursday, with BB coming out tops, followed by BW, MR, HH, and MT in that order. The season has certainly been a great opportunity for Rafflesians to try new sports and catch up with their OG-mates. Raffles Press would like to thank CCAD, the IHC Sports I/Cs, Clara Chua, Fu Xinyi and Low Yi Fen, as well as all Raffles Photographers for their tireless efforts over the course of Destemido, and wishes all houses the very best for IHC Remix 2015!

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