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5 Things I Wish I’d Known About Finishing A Levels

by Joyce Er (15A01A)

So this is it. You’re a fresh-faced J1 or anxious J2 anticipating (or dreading) what will be the culmination of 12 years of Singaporean education: the A Level exams. You’re determined to give it your all and bag straight As, and can’t wait for your first taste of post-JC freedom. As a fresh graduate who just finished my examinations little over a week ago, here are some nasty surprises that you might not expect. You have been warned.

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The Holiday Bucketlist

by Daphne Tang (16S03M) and Lim Lex-xis (16S03M)

As we near the halfway mark of our year-end holidays, now becomes an optimal point for us to take stock of what we’ve been doing so far, and think of how we can make use of the remaining time we have left until we are whisked back into the whirlwind that is school life. For those of us who have already exhausted our usual hangouts and are reduced to lounging around at home languidly, we have compiled our very own December Bucket List of activities ranging from serene nature explorations to thrilling physical pursuits, with prices ranging from $0 to $100 to make the best out of this small pocket of free time. Continue reading “The Holiday Bucketlist”

Dealing with Disappointment

By Darrell Koh (16A13A)

As any exam looms closer, one inevitably thinks of the gruelling exams for which the descent into “mega mugging madness” is the only method of survival. At this point, it is common for exam-related worries to be vocalized, as evident from the multiple cries of “I’m so screwed for Econs!”. However, some emotions prompted by receiving results are surely not vocalized with the same enthusiasm. Of the diverse range of feelings that may be produced, two prominent emotions come to mind: satisfaction and disappointment.  The former may readily manifest itself physically, while the latter often shrouds itself in silence. This article will attempt to give disappointment a voice and suggest ways in which those who feel disappointed can stand up again and eventually achieve satisfaction.

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Broken Telephone: Life Without a Smartphone

By Kristal Ng (16S07C)

The first thing I hear when I tell people that I don’t have a smartphone is usually, “How do you live like that?” followed by a fascinated “Can I see?” before I display my retro Nokia. It’s already an upgrade from a $25 Nokia 108, to a $38 Nokia 215. Other than its push-button typing, legendary feature games (Snake – remember that?) and of course its unbreakable casing, there isn’t really much that my phone can do other than call and text. Since my parents had decided against my getting a smartphone from the get-go, fearing that it would become a distraction, I have never owned a smartphone before.

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