Category: Student Issues

Let’s Talk (About Depression)

By Wong Zi Yang (19A01D)
Cover illustration by Alvin Lim Jun Han (19S06B)

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that we have quite a few students suffering from depression in Singapore. In fact, it’s one of the more common mental illnesses seen in Singaporean youth. What comes as a bit of a surprise to me is how little people actually care about the situation; and by “‘care” I mean take tangible action against it. We may hear the odd rumour here and there: “he’s been missing school a lot lately”, or “someone has been hospitalised”. If an incident does happen, people keep quiet out of confidentiality and respect for those involved. But at the same time, doing so means that there is little to no impetus for uninvolved students, already busy enough as is with the academic rigour of school, to care much about it. The problem is not addressed at its root, and we just don’t talk about it – and so I set out to look deeper into students’ responses to depression in Raffles: Do people care enough about it? What then can we do about it?

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Farewell Editorial: A Tradition to Archive

By Bay Jia Wei (17S06R)

A soapbox, an inter-school conference, a dramatic blunder, a Reddit feature, many movie reviews, and a good number of opinion editorial (Op-ed) hits later, Raffles Press has broken new ground. As always, thank you to our readership – Rafflesian and non-Rafflesian alike – for having a humble school press’ webpage on your browser, and for supporting student journalism.

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Casting Out Dark Circles

By Andrew Hidajat (17S03I)

On my very first morning in Singapore as a foreign student, I was dumbfounded by the appearance of the 6am sky. While the sun began to rise at home, here, it was still pitch dark. It didn’t take long to realise that waking up for school every morning would feel exactly like waking up in the dead of the night to catch a 5am flight. Exhaustion became the norm. Constant yawning and teary eyes have long become permanent characteristics of my mental image of students, apart from their uniforms. Like most, I eagerly anticipated the weekends, when the opportunity to hibernate would finally present itself.

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Let’s Talk: RI Slur Culture

By Joan Ang (17A01B)

A few weeks ago, my 13-year-old brother came home from school crying. When my parents asked him why, he choked out the phrase, “my senior called me retarded,” and vanished into his room.

My brother has a learning disorder.

Of course, his senior couldn’t possibly have known this when he said those words, but the experience does call to mind some things that I have heard in my past eight months at RI. From my first days in January, I’ve heard slurs thrown around in casual conversation like nobody’s business — a real culture shock in contrast to my secondary school days.

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